It’s not unusual for dogs to get minor cuts and scrapes together they run roughly in her backyard, in ~ the dog park, or as soon as you walk for a hike. Fortunately, no all dog wounds require a expedition to the veterinarian. You can commonly treat boy wounds in ~ home. You may wonder, though, “What deserve to I clean my dog’s wound with?” and, “What products can i safely use to treat my dog’s cuts and also scrapes in ~ home?”

What is Bactine?

Bactine is a topical antiseptic. It has the ingredients; benzalkonium chloride and lidocaine. Benzalkonium chloride is an antiseptic reliable at preventing infections native minor wounds. Lidocaine is a subject anaesthetic reliable for giving temporary relief indigenous pain and also itching ~ above the skin.

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Is Bactine for sure for Dogs?

You might be conscious that many assets formulated for usage on people are no safe to usage on pets. Thus, you may wonder, “Can you use Bactine top top dogs?”

It transforms out the it is safe to use Bactine top top dogs. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that high level of lidocaine took in through the skin have the right to be attention or even lethal come humans and also dogs. It is always best come consult your veterinarian about how much, when it is appropriate, and also how often you deserve to use person products, such together Bactine ~ above dogs.

Putting Bactine top top dog wounds may help prevent infections. Bactine might also administer your dog through some temporary relief indigenous itching or pain. If a wound is numb, her dog is an ext likely to stop from biting or licking it. This is important because your dog’s mouth has a most bacteria. As soon as your dog bites or licks their wound, they can leave bacteria from their mouth in the wound, which have the right to lead come infection.

What have the right to I Clean mine Dog’s Wounds With?

Properly cleaning your dog’s wound at home is necessary for helping prevent infection from setup in.

You will desire to clean your dog’s cut, scrape, or burn prior to treating it at home. There space a few things girlfriend will have to do before you start cleaning the wound. Take into consideration either muzzling her dog or getting someone to aid you hold them so that you can properly clean the wound. Even the calmest, sweetest, and also gentlest dog can become upset or aggressive when they space in pain and also confused as to what is going on.

Talk easy to her dog if you are preparing come clean your wound. If you are anxious or stressed, your dog will pick up on it and also become worried or stressed themselves.

In addition to these procedures for keeping your dog calm, you can use The healthy and balanced Dog Co’s All herbal Tranquillity: Calm, Soothe, & Destress. These calming drops because that dogs contains chamomile, valerian root, skullcap, wild sage, and also vegetable glycerin.


Because the ingredient in ours minor wound care and anti itch spray for dogs are natural and also non-toxic, castle won’t harm your pet, also if castle ingest them. To apologize cider vinegar has actually been offered to clean wounds for hundreds of years due to the fact that it is recognized for its capability to kill bacteria. Patchouli has actually antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cloves may additionally be reliable at death bacteria.

Our anti itch spray because that dogs effectively numbs and moisturises the area that skin it’s used to, i beg your pardon helps reduce itchiness. Wounds deserve to itch together they heal. Reducing itchiness might keep her dog from licking or biting your wound, which permits it to heal much more quickly.

This product is safe to usage on dog of every ages. When the organic ingredients in this product do it for sure for her dog even if they lick it, the product’s bitterness taste helps discourage wound licking and also biting while her dog’s wound heals.

You can spray All herbal Itchy Skin & Wound care directly onto her dog’s itchy skin. To use to an open wound, spray the Itchy Skin & boy Wound Care onto a clean noodle pad, and also gently dab it onto the wound.

When her dog gets an injury, you desire to do whatever you can to assist them feel far better and cure quickly. Cleaning her dog’s wound ideal away and treating it properly at house can assist you avoid complications, such together infection. Using The healthy and balanced Dog Co’s commodities can help you successfully clean and also treat your dog’s wound and keep lock calm and comfortable when you have tendency to your injury.

About The healthy and balanced Dog Co

The healthy Dog Co’s mission is come create products that dog and also cat owners have the right to trust with the wellness of your pets by only producing assets with healthy, safe, all natural ingredients.

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