at this time making a 5E Warlock because that an upcoming session, and also I\"m wondering exactly how this specific interaction works:

I, as a Warlock, begin with leather armor. I\"m considering having actually Armor the Shadows as one of my 2 Invocations, for at-will self-Mage Armor (DM is beginning us turn off at third level). However, the description of Mage Armor stipulates that \"You touch a willing creature that isn’t wearing armor, and also a security magical force surrounds it till the assignment ends.\", and additionally that the spell ends if the target dons armor or the assignment is dismissed.

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So I\"m wondering: If ns wear leather armor (since I obtain it beginning as a Warlock), have the right to I still use the at-will Mage Armor to have a 13+Dex modifier AC instead of leather armor\"s 11+Dex comprehensive AC?

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No, sorry.

You can wear leather armor (AC=11+DEX); if you do you cannot cast mage armor on yourself per the description.

Or friend can actors mage armor on you yourself (AC=13+DEX) and not stay the leather. Naively, this is one unambiguously-superior choice. Two much more AC clues and, due to the fact that the invocation offers you mage armor at will, there\"s no price in spell slots.

Note, though, that it has price you: one invocation. That might be a reasonable opportunity price for your character, but just realize the it\"s not no cost.

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No, the rules for both AC and also Mage Armor perform not permit itPlayer\"s Handbook, part 1, thing 1, web page 14 says:

Some spells and also class functions give girlfriend a different way to calculateyour AC. If you have multiple functions that offer you different ways tocalculate your AC, you select which one come use.

Theoretically a player can have multiple ACs at one time- but you need to specifically select which one to use. Additionally, the assignment Mage Armor itself doesn\"t enable you come wear armor (Player\"s Handbook, component 3, chapter 11, page 256):

You touch a willing creature who isn\"t attract armor, and also aprotective magical force surrounds it until the spell end <...>

So, even if you wanted to have both animal leather armor and also Mage Armor, girlfriend cannot cast the assignment on someone wearing armor. Now, Mage Armor could be cast on a monk or barbaric with Unarmored Defense- but you could still only advantage from one AC at a time.

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