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I have a laminate floor in my shop and believe me buildup of dirt, grease, or grime can be hard to clean. They also reduce the shine significantly and can make your floors appear dull. Pine-Sol is a great one to solve your problems.Can You Use Pine Sol on Laminate Floors?Pine-Sol can be used on all finished hardwood floors, including Laminate. You can use it as well on cement, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, carpet, granite, and Linoleum surface. It is universal and all in one multipurpose cleaner.

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Pine-sol is Great universal solution for your floors

I love Pine-Sol because you can clean almost everything with it and not just your laminate wooden floors. Tough kitchen stains such as grease, grape juice, mustard, and soap scum can easily be removed by using this cleaner on most f the surfaces.When it comes to cleaning your floors, sweep them regularly for perfect outcomes. Use ¼ cup of pine-sole per gallon of water. You don’t have to rinse on most of the floors. The exception is for rubber and asphalt tiles. If you have tough stains, use full strength, and wash immediately.

How to Keep Laminate Floors Clean and Dirt Free

Laminate overall is a trendy and quite durable choice in the market. It gains popularity by achieving the hardwood floor look for a fraction of a price. You can order it in a stone look as well. Installation is very easy, and with it these simple tools like flooring installation kit, you will have it on our floors in no time.Use DoormatsMost of dirt comes in your house with your shoes. Using door mats can minimize the dirt being brought into the house dramatically.I recommend using high quality and waterproof doormat like this I found on Amazon. It will trap most of the dirt, small pebbles, oil, driveway debris before you hit the laminate floors of your living room. By practicing it, you can reduce the amount of dirt being carried away with your shoes are and keep your laminate floors safe from extra dust.Regular Sweeping and CleaningIn order to keep laminate floors shining as new, it is very important to sweep and mop them regularly. Even little pieces of debris can cause scratches on the surface.Avoid Using Harsh Cleaning ProductsPlease avoid using cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, lemon, and soap. They leave a messy look after you finish and some of them also damage the upper layer of laminate floors. Also, avoid polishing or waxing the floors. Laminate floors are manufactured in a way that they don’t need anything else but regular cleaning.Use Felt PadsUse felt pads under the furniture to keep the laminate floors safe from scratching. They are not that expensive and can be found very easily. Felt pads also make it easy to drag furniture and reduce the scratches.Run Air Conditioner/Heating at an Optimal LevelLaminate floors end to contract and expand if they are exposed to extreme cold or hot temperatures. It is very important to use such appliances at an optimal temperature to prevent laminate floors from constant expansion/contractions.Trim Pet’s NailsIf you have pet roaming around the laminate floor, make sure you trim their nails regularly. File them as well to prevent scratches.DIY Free Cleaning Options for Laminate FloorsWe can easily find alternate cleaning options in our kitchen. The old fashioned vinegar and water mixture is still considered best for cleaning laminate floors. If you cannot afford or run out of expensive cleaners, grab a bottle of white vinegar, mix it with water and voila. Note – do not use it on hardwood floors.To make DIY laminate floors cleaner, mix equal quantities of water and vinegar in hot water. Pour it in a spray bottle. Spray the floor before you mop with microfiber. In case you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can also pour in a few drops of essential oil you want. But just beware, it may give a little dull look to the floor after mopping.This cleaning method is indeed the cheapest option available to everyone, especially to some who cannot afford to buy expensive floor cleaners. If you are allergic to chemical smells, then this best for you.

Pine Sol Cleaning Mop

Cleaning mop which Pine-Sol recommends comes with a wide head and cleans more areas in just one push. It saves a hell lot of time as well the energy. A larger area even the congested corners of the room can easily be accessed by this product as it has the ability to swivels 180 degrees.Its spray bottle provides full control to its users as they can control the solution quantity on their own. It is non-battery operated spray and you can control how much quantity of the cleaner you want to use one each cleaning spot.
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