Key Difference: American soccer is a sport that large an hour and includes 11 players on a field at a time. Canadian soccer lasts about an hour and also has 4 soldier of 15 minute each. It consists of having 12 players on the ar at a time. The games differ in field size, ball size and particular rules and also regulations.

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American Football and also Canadian Football have both source from Rugby. Rugby was introduced in Canada through the British army soldiers that were posted in Montreal. The soldiers arranged games against the student of mcgill University. In 1874, Harvard university invited mcgill students to play the brand-new game versus Harvard students. The rule of the Canadian video game differed native the united state ones, yet for the vain both teams made decision to follow half US and fifty percent Canadian rules, leading to the plenty of similarities in between the two games. Lock still different from each other in numerous ways.

American soccer is a sport that large an hour and includes 11 football player on a field at a time. The two groups line up opposite each various other at the start of the game. Receiving player deserve to either operation with round or happen the ball. Every team has to move the ball 10 yards in four down, if castle fail the round is given to the contrary team, if they happen they get one more chance to move the ball another 10 yards. The target of this video game is come score point out by delivering the sphere to the the contrary team’s end zone. Other means points have the right to be scored is by kicking the ball into the the contrary team’s score post, capturing a pass thrown end the goal line, tackling and opposing round carrier in his finish zone.

Canadian football lasts about an hour and also has 4 quarters of 15 minutes each. It contains having 12 players on the field at a time. The game starts with a team being in possession that the ball, the offence, if the team defending the round is defense. The play begins with a behind pass through the legs by a member the the offense to the team’s quarterback. The quarterback has a variety of options: he could run through the ball, drop-kick the ball, pass the ball, hand turn off the ball, punting the ball, or throw the ball. Every play is taken into consideration as a down. The offense must advancement 10 yards towards the defense’s goal short articles within 3 downs, or they need to forfeit the ball. The target of the video game is to score points in various means such as moving the ball past opposition touch line, kicking the sphere through uprights (a ar goal or transform depending on situation) or by failure of a team to advance ball the end of own finish zone.


American football and Canadian Football differ from each various other in assorted ways. Couple of major differences include the size of the field and also the ball. Due to the small size that the Harvard ar at the time, American football field today is 120 yards long by 53.3 yards wide, when Canadian football field is 150 yards lengthy by 53.3 yards wide. The balls that are offered in both gamings though resemble in shape, also differ in size. American football has a quick circumference that 527 to 540 mm and a lengthy circumference the 705 come 714 mm, while Canadian football has actually a quick circumference of inch 530 come 537 mm and also long circumference of 705 come 718 mm. The ball additionally has 2 white stripes close to the end of the ball, i beg your pardon is not there in American football.

Other differences additionally include in game play such together scrimmage, same catches and also punt returns, time, kicker advancing the ball, defensive line, if a round fumbles out of bounds, etc. Throughout scrimmage, in Canadian football the snap need to be passed in between the center’s legs, when in American football this no a requirement but happens anyways. The distance between line of scrimmage and the defensive team is a garden in Canadian football, while just 11 customs in American football.

In American soccer if a punting returner sees the he is unable to advancement the ball after capturing it, he can signal because that a fair capture by waving his hand in the air. If the signals, the the opposite team must enable him to record the ball without interference. However, in Canadian football, no player from the kicking team, various other than the kicker and the football player behind him as soon as the sphere was kicked can approach within 5 yards of the ball until it has actually been touched by one opponent. In American football, after a same catch, the receiving team have the right to elect a cost-free kick indigenous the spot wherein the sphere is received, but in Canadian football, just the kicker and the players behind him when the sphere was kicked deserve to make any kind of attempts to retrieve and development the ball.

Time rules likewise differ, wherein in American soccer the attack team have to run a play in ~ 25 secs after the referee sounds the whistle, if in Canadian football the is just 20 seconds. American football has actually three timeouts every team in every half, if the Canadian football only has actually 1 timeout every team, per half. The time rules adjust drastically in both leagues after ~ the N-minute warning. Various other differences likewise include ar goals, singles, touchbacks, kicks and also safeties, yet are young differences.

American Football

Canadian Football

Number of Umpires/Referees

3-6 referees

Depending ~ above the game roughly 3-6 referees space required.

Time limit

4 quarters of 15 minute each.

4 soldier of 15 minutes each.


3 time outs in each fifty percent per team.

1 time outs per half.

Object of the Game

The thing of the video game is score clues by acquisition the ball past the opponent’s touch line and also kicking the round through the score posts.

Object that the game is come score points in various ways such as delivering the ball past opposition touch line, kicking the sphere through uprights (a field goal or transform depending top top situation) or by failure of a team to advance ball the end of own endzone.

Number the downs allowed






Number the players

11 on the field

12 top top the field


120 yards (109.7 meters) lengthy by 53.3 yards (48.8 meters) wide.

150 yards (137 meters) long and also 65 yards (59 meters) wide.


A prolate spheroid which has actually a quick circumference of 20¾ come 21¾ customs (527 to 540 mm) and a lengthy circumference the 27¾ come 28⅛ inches (705 come 714 mm).

A prolate spheroid which has actually a short circumference the 20⅞ come 21⅛ inches (530 come 537 mm) and long one of 27¾ come 28¼ inches (705 come 718 mm). The ball has two white stripes near the ends of the ball.

Protective gear

Helmet, Shoulder/Chest pad/protector, upper leg padding and also mouthguard.

Heavy protective equipment including helmet, should/chest pads, top leg padding and mouthguard.


Football is moved towards the opposing team’s end zone. Kicks room awarded.

Penalties are provided by lose of yardage against the penalized team. Penalty could additionally include substitution of members, or penalty kicks might be awarded.


Fixed roles for every player.

Fixed roles for every player.

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Field goal is worth 3 points, touchdown is worth 6 points, try for extra suggest is worth 1 or 2 points, and also safety is precious 2 points

A touchdown is precious 6 points, field goals space worth 3 points, safety is precious 2 points, if a single is worth 1 point. A conversion field goal is worth 1 point, when a switch touchdown is precious 2 points.