It has been much more than a decade because fans last experienced Asobi ni Iku Yo, and also they’re still waiting for the regeneration of Cat earth Cuties Season 2. The display was liked by a particular type of audience that is fond of the ecchi harem genre. Aside from the fans who like the famous genre, everyone uncovered this display pretty average. Yet, a huge number of human being are wait to watch more episodes. So, will certainly the anime ever before return? below is whatever to know.

Cat earth Cuties, aka Asobi ni Iku Yo, is a Japanese ecchi harem rom-com anime series. The is a remake of the irradiate novel collection of the very same title by Okina Kamino. Anime international Company adopted the story the the LN to create this anime. The viewers observed its debut illustration on July 10, 2010. The ran because that twelve episodes and also concluded ~ above September 25, 2010.

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Cat planet Cuties Season 2: regeneration Status!

The producers haven’t talked about the second season that the anime collection in the critical ten years. They have actually neither renewed nor canceled the show for its adhering to installment.Fans have been waiting for castle to specify the future the Asobi ni Iku Yo. However most the its viewers have actually now began to shed hope as ten year is a long time to wait. Even after every these years, there is quiet no sign of the sequel the Cat world Cuties.

Is over there Enough resource Material?

The LN collection began its serialization ago in 2003. That concluded in 2015 with a full of 20 volumes. The very first season of the anime series only has twelve episodes. It covered just the first few volumes the its resource material. There space plenty the LN quantities left to be adapted into an anime. Therefore, the studio still has a lot of of resource material to make Cat world Cuties Season 2. Lock can also make much more than one season with the staying content.

Cat planet Cuties Season 2: will The Anime Return?

The anime series received a mixed an answer from everyone. That ratings were not that an excellent as well. Plus, the LN collection has already ended way back in 2015. Besides, in the critical ten years, the popular of the series has been decreased by a good margin. So, it is most likely that Cat earth Cuties Season 2 will not happen. However, the is feasible that fans might see a reboot of this series. Netflix and also other streaming communication are currently investing a many in anime shows. So, there is a opportunity they might pick up the LN series again because that a reboot. 

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