hello my cat has suddenly started walking close to the ground and really slowly. Nearly like she is stalking but shes not. She does no seem to it is in in any type of pain 보다 i can tell however does it seems to be ~ a little bit uneasy on her feet. Indigenous looking at the other posts i will say that she is a outdoor cat and is simply over a year old. Any type of ideas?

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Answer through KateHiwell although the is difficult to speak what the probably could be the actions definitely suggests that her cat is feeling uncomfortable or ok in part way.Any sudden adjust of habits is constantly a sign of distress or ill health. The is possible that your cat may have actually fallen and also hurt us in some way. I really would recommend that you take her cat to the vets as shortly as possible for a checkup.best wishes Kate

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trauma by: cotton what occurred to the cat prior to this if that not hunting it scared and also being cautious and feels unsafe and also uncertain and no safe ar to hide

Kitty by: anonymous cats are well known for Masking pain and also illness. Through the means your kitty is walking, I would suspect that to it is in a sign of pain and also should certainly be diagnosed by a vet. Will certainly keep good thoughts for your baby getting far better soon.Lynda, Hope, marble and also TJ

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