Four reasons Your air Conditioner Smells Bad

A strange, strong, or generally bad smell from your air conditioner is a sign something’s wrong. The scent can resemble gunpowder, urine, rotten eggs, or stale socks. Possibilities for it include:

Coolant LeaksMold or MildewOrganic WasteElectrical Issues

Each year, human being rely more and an ext on their central air air conditioning to store them comfortable during the summer. And, this year, it might be even much more essential.

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As us prepare to remain hunkered under as the weather gets warmer, we’ll desire to be together comfortable as possible. Meanwhile, her cooling system deserve to also aid improve her indoor air quality.

When you have the windows closed, you depend on your AC to circulate the waiting in your house. Doing this helps get rid of allergens, pollutants, bacteria, and other contaminants the often develop up in your home.

There’s no proof that this filtration procedure affects the COVD-19 virus. But, the cooling mechanism still plays crucial role in her indoor wait quality, especially for civilization with respiratory problems, to breath easy once they’re in ~ home.


Air Conditioner Service and the COVD-19 Pandemic

Cipollone is easily accessible for wait conditioner service, replacement, and maintenance throughout the pandemic. HVAC suppliers are considered essential in Pennsylvania.

We room taking every precaution to store you, her family, and our employee safe and healthy.

All our techs right now wear booties and also gloves when they concerned your house. They’ll likewise wear facemasks if girlfriend prefer, and also some wear lock all the time anyway.

We wipe down any kind of equipment us touch v Spray 9, which death viruses. That includes door handles and also the steering wheel in our trucks. And, us won’t touch her thermostat without gloves.

Although times are uncertain appropriate now, points will definitely get better. In the meantime, we’re doing whatever to make certain your house is comfortable, healthy, and also safe this year.

Air Conditioner Smells like Dirty Socks

That stale odor coming from her air conditioner has actually a name: Dirty amount say syndrome. It’s a authorize that yes mold or bacteria somewhere in the system.


Technically, the the mycotoxins — a byproduct the mold — that you’re smelling. One of two people way, the odor resembles socks that you left in her gym bag for as well long.

If you have actually a central air system, the odds space the problem is in the condenser. Mold is additionally a difficulty for ductless solution — it can prosper in the waiting handlers.

You’ll need a experienced to clean it out. Also if you’re may be to view or access the problem, friend don’t recognize if you’ve acquired it all. And, you risk damaging the tools or hurting yourself.

And, if simply the assumed of this grosses friend out, don’t worry: regular preventative maintain for ACs has cleaning. If you gain a tune-up each year — especially for mini splits — you won’t have this problem.

Sulfur or gunpowder Smell

Sulfur or a gunpowder smell from her air conditioner shows a mechanically or electrical problem. Odds are, there’s part damaged wiring somewhere. Or, the motor us burned out or overheating.

Turn off her AC if you notice this smell. And, call a tech before turning it earlier on.

If yes a trouble such as this, you run the risk of damaging the tools further if you keep running.

Urine Smell

If your air conditioner smells favor urine or pee, you might be taking care of a few different problems. The key ones culprits space mold again, or a coolant leak.

Some human being describe the scent as an ext like ammonia. But, either summary can fit these bills.

It’s tough to perform a intuitive inspection because that mold, as we mentioned. You can get happy (so to speak) and also hear a hissing sound somewhere. That would clue you in around a leak.

But, it’s more likely the only indication you’ll have actually is that smell. So, you’ll require a professional.

And, in 2020, we have to talk a little much more about coolant leaks.

R22 Refrigerant and also AC Leaks

Up until ten years ago, waiting conditioners used R22, or freon, coolant. But, the EPA began phasing the out since it’s negative for the environment. As of this year, no carriers manufacture it anymore.

That phaseout make R22 much harder to find. Yes still some out there, and recycled freon is available, too. But it’s becoming more expensive.

So, in countless cases, we finish up recommending replacing her unit when, previously, us may have actually been able come repair.

It’s a combination of the expense to repair in addition to the inflated price the R22 — if there’s any kind of around.

If we record a tiny leak early, it’s possible to recharge through a small amount that freon or recycled R22. But, we’re practically always recommending a brand-new unit.

Now, girlfriend should likewise note this only applies to condensers much more than a decade old. The refrigerant for more recent models is extensively available.

So, if you have actually an enlarge unit, yes sir a good chance it to be coming up because that replacement, anyway.

Air Conditioner Smells prefer Rotten Eggs

A rotten egg smell from your air conditioner method an pet has crawled right into the device somewhere — either in the outdoor condenser or what in the ductwork. And also it’s happen away.

Gross as it seems, the smell is indigenous the decaying necessary compounds.

So, recording a whiff choose that coming through your vents is a sign something’s wrong. As soon as again, rotate off the AC. Friend don’t desire to circulate much more bacteria, waste, or various other pollutants transparent the house.

Get her Air Conditioner Tune-Up because that Summer 2020

This year, it’s an ext important than ever before to make certain our air conditioner is ready for the summer. The best means to execute that is by scheduling a tune-up because that the spring.



We don’t want to end things on a doom-and-gloom note. So, rather than simply tell you every the things that can go wrong, we’ll additionally tell you exactly how to protect against them from happening in the very first place.

A tune-up drops under the topic of “preventative maintenance.” In other words, you’re having a skilled come in and “fix” the system prior to there’s a problem.

With a tune-up, the tech cleans out the components, lubricates the moving parts, and also inspects the whole system for any kind of problems. They’ll additionally replace anything that’s worn under our already broken before they reason a malfunction.

We introduce these yearly anyway. But, with human being rightfully came to with at home air quality and also trying to stay residence as lot as possible, it’s particularly essential in 2020.

And, we’ll take every possible step to store us every safe.

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If girlfriend have any kind of concerns around your cooling device or want to obtain it all set for the summer, call or email us now for one appointment.