What is ejaculation?

Ejaculationoccurs when semen shooting outfrom the prick at the point of orgasm. Over there is usually about 5ml of liquid, however there may be more, specifically if the human hasn"t ejaculated for some time. World with vaginas can likewise ejaculate fluid, however this is far less usual than for human being with penises.

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What is orgasm?

Orgasm is the height or orgasm of sex-related excitement. That usually entails pleasurable feelings and also rhythmic contractions that the muscle in and around the genital area. For human being with penises, ejaculation normally happens at the same time together an orgasm. As soon as ejaculation occurs, the sperm rushes out follow me the pipe in the penis and also spurts the end in 4 or 5 spasms. This spasms spread over every one of the person’s genitals and sometimes through the remainder of their body. A quality orgasm requires a series of brief spasms in the walls of the vagina which infect the uterus/womb and also sometimes through the entirety body.

Is masturbation normal?

Yes. Apart from the pleasure it gives, masturbating can assist you discover what girlfriend like and also don"t choose sexually. People with penises can likewise use masturbation come learn exactly how to regulate their orgasms, while human being with vaginas can find out what help them to accomplish an orgasm. Many couples masturbate together and also find it a very enjoyable component of their relationship. Other human being don"t and that"s fine: it"s a personal choice.

Is masturbation safe?

Yes, that safe. There are plenty of myths about masturbation, consisting of that that can cause blindness, insanity, oracne and also won"t do hair grow on your palms. Thankfully, of course, none of these room true! There"s additionally no threat of pregnancy or capturing STIs from masturbating on your own.

What is pre-cum?

When a person gets one erection, a small amount of liquid gets sent through the tube to the reminder of the penis. This cleans out any stale urine or bacteria. This liquid is called pre-cum and also contains sperm. Even before the human being ejaculates, as quickly as they have an erection the head of the penis will have sperm on the optimal via the pre-cum. People can obtain pregnant or contract an STI through pre-cum.

What type of lubricant is OK come use with a condom?

Water or silicone based lubricants space OK to usage withcondoms.Vaseline and also moisturiser might actually damage them.

Can you wash condoms and also use castle again?

No, prophylactics should only be offered once.

Do you always get symptom if you have an STI?

No, you can not understand if you have an STI.

Sometimes you might have symptoms, such together pain once you pee, or an usual discharge, odor or soreness.But many world don"t an alert signs of infection, so friend won"t constantly knowif you"reinfected.

The only means to recognize for certain is to get tested.

How lengthy does sperm make it through after ejaculating in the body?

On a dry surface, such as apparel or bedding, sperm room dead by the moment the semen has actually dried. In water, such together a warmth bath or hot tub, they"ll likelylive longerbecause they grow in warm, wet places. But the odds the sperm in a bathtub of water will uncover their way inside someone’s body and cause them to get pregnant are exceptionally low.

When sperm room inside the body of a human being with a vagina, they have the right to live for approximately 5 days.

Is it possible to get pregnant the very first time you have actually sex?

Yes. That is even feasible to obtain pregnant if you have never had a duration before.

Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

No, girlfriend can"t acquire pregnant followingoral sex, also if you swallow sperm.

But you can capture STIs through dental sex, includinggonorrhoea,chlamydiaandherpes.

Can you gain pregnant indigenous fingering?

Fingering top top its own can"t lead to pregnancy. Yet it is feasible to obtain pregnant if someone gets pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) or ejaculate on their finger and then puts it in their partner’s vagina. The chances of this happening space low, though.

A an ext likely case than pregnancy is obtaining aninfectionfrom fingering.

How many times deserve to you take emergency contraception?

You have to use the in emergency situations only. Themorning ~ pill’s effectivenessis lower than thecontraceptive pillor the condom. It additionally won’t defend you against STIs.

If you find that you have to use the morning after pill every month or also several times a month, you have to see your GP to discuss other contraceptive options.

Can females who have sex withwomen get STIs?

Yes, women who have actually sex v women can acquire or happen on STIs. The infection have the right to be passed on through vaginal fluid (including liquid on shared sex toys), blood or close bodily contact.

Alwaysuse a newcondom on mutual sex toys. If a mrs is likewise having penetrative sex,using contraception and condomswill helpprevent STIs and also unintended pregnancy.

Do periods happen throughout pregnancy?

The brief answer is no. You can experience “spotting” during early pregnancy, i m sorry is usually light pink or dark brown in color.

As a dominion of thumb, if there’s sufficient bleeding to to fill a pad or tampon, then it’s a authorize you’re most likely not pregnant. If you’ve had a confident pregnancy test and also are bleeding heavily, seek clinical care.

Can HIV be passed to a baby in the womb?

Yes, it"s possible for HIV to it is in passed from the pregnant person to their baby. This deserve to happen throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, and through breastfeeding.

But if the person is receivingtreatment for HIVduring pregnancy and doesn"t breastfeed their baby, it"s possible to greatly reduce the risk of the baby acquiring HIV.

Can you acquire pregnant if you have actually sex throughout your period?

Yes. Sperm that’s to be ejaculated right into the vagina can live inside the uterus for5 days. That’s why it’s feasible to obtain pregnant if you have actually unprotected sex if menstruating. If youovulateshortly after ~ you finish your period, the sperm may still be alive and can fertilize the egg.

Is withdrawing the penis before ejaculation a safe way to protect against pregnancy?

No. Pulling out prior to ejaculation, recognized as the withdrawal method, is not a foolproof an approach for birth control. Part ejaculate (fluid that contains sperm) may be released before climax. In addition, some human being may not withdraw in time.

If there is sperm on her hand and also you put it in an additional person’s vagina, can they get pregnant?

Yes, the possible. One method this could happen is if your partner masturbates and also then provides the exact same hand or hand to finger you. If your partner washes their hands in between the two acts, your danger of pregnancy is low.

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Can washing the vagina ~ sex protect against from getting pregnant?

No, that can’t. Rinsing the vagina — even if it is it’s v water, a douche, or any kind of other kind of fluid — ~ unprotected intercourse will certainly NOT reduce the threat of pregnancy. In fact, if a human does douche after ~ intercourse, yes sir a opportunity that it may actually press the sperm more up with the cervix, making that even simpler for sperm to sign up with with an egg.

Can you acquire pregnant when breastfeeding?

Yes. Even thoughbreastfeedingmay suppress or delaymenstruation, you have the right to stillget pregnant.Ovulationwill occur prior to you start having menstrual periods again, so follow your doctor"s recommendation on the appropriatebirth manage methodto use.

What is the legal age of consent?

In the Republic of Ireland, the legal age of consent is 17.