This page has cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and also tips because that The Legend the Zelda: A connect to the Past. We will certainly continually upgrade this page when we come across an ext useful cheats and also tips.

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The Legend that Zelda: A connect to the past Cheats for SNES

Hookshot Invincibility

You can use the Hookshot come avoid adversary attacks and take no damage. At any time you usage the Hookshot and it is extended, connect will end up being immune to enemies allowing enemies or enemy projectiles to pass right through him. This is something simple to take benefit of, particularly if you are low on health.

Free green Potion

In bespeak to acquire a totally free green potion, litter an north bottle into the fountain at the Waterfall that Wishing. This will trigger a fairy come appear and they will provide you a environment-friendly potion.

Unlimited Rupees

In the area right prior to the Desert Palace, there is a large rock that can be moved with the power Glove. Relocate this rock and a mystery staircase will be revealed, allowing you to walk underground. You will discover a man standing there with a bunch the pots in former of him. Throw all the pots and collect the Rupees, this deserve to be repeated, yielding 50 Rupees every time. This is an easy way to farm countless Rupees in the game.

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The Legend the Zelda: A connect to the Past video game Genie Codes

The adhering to cheat codes space for game Genie. These deserve to be offered on a supervisor Nintendo (SNES) through a game Genie machine or you have the right to use these on any emulator that supports video game Genie Codes. If you want a game Genie Device, friend can constantly Check ~ above Amazon for one.

Note: some of these will change events in the game.

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Cheat CodeCheat Effect
Free items In some ShopsAEEC-A586
Infinite BombsAE67-0D30
Infinite ChestsNote: girlfriend must leave the area and also come back for this to work.A230-DD05
Infinite HealthAE6E-DF2A
Infinite MagicAE8A-D4FA + AE8D-0D9A
Fortune telling Is FreeDDA5-0FE1
Green Rubies are Worth 20F028-043A
Green Rubies Are Worth 507428-043A
Green Rubies Are Worth 1001028-043A
Green Rubies Are Worth 255EE28-043A
Link can Walk v WallsEEA8-D4FA
Start through Blue ShirtDFE9-23E6
Start through FluteD7E0-2E76
Start With gold ShieldD4E9-2386
Start With golden SwordD0E9-2356
Start With green ShirtDDE9-23E6
Start through HammerDFE0-23E6
Start v Hook ShotDFE0-2A86
Start through LampDFE0-2386
Start With master SwordD4E9-2356
Start with NetDFE0-2E56
Start with Red Oval ShieldDFE9-2386
Start with Red ShirtD4E9-23E6

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Released:Apr 13, 1992Platform:Super Nintendo Developer:Nintendo EADPublisher:NintendoGenre:2D, Action-adventureModes:Single-player