PRACTICE test 25 II. LEXICO-GRAMMAR component 1 : pick the word or expression that best completes every sentence. Write your ans

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Part A Directions: choose the one indigenous or expression that best completes the sentence!

PART A Directions: pick the one native or expression that ideal completes the sentence! 1. To roasted fish, _____ butter and pla

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Directions: select the native or phrase (1), (2), (3), or (4) that best completes every sentence. Then note the correct choice on your answer sheet

Hamid FaridTest 1 from page 111 to web page 151Page 1 the 2Vocabulary Directions: choose the indigenous or phrase (1), (2), (

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Unit 1 general Test: listen to the conversations. Then pick the native or phrase that correctly completes each sentence

Unit 1 basic Test part 1 hear to the conversations. Then pick the word or expression that correctly completes every sen

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Choose the best Answer to finish Each Sentence

Choose the ideal answer to complete each sentence 1. His climb from the shop floor come the monitoring was_______ A. Superso

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Select the one different that best completes the declare or answer the question

Exam Name___________________________________MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statem

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Choose the best Answer

Choose the best answer: 1 What"s the matter? Why ..... In ~ me choose that? a) execute you look b) have you looked c) are you loo

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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternate that finest completes the statement or answers the question

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PRACTICE check 25 II. LEXICO-GRAMMAR part 1 : pick the indigenous or expression that finest completes each sentence. Create your prize A, B, C or D in the numbered boxes. 1. Ns will usage this example to _______ mine point an ext effectively. A. Portray B. Illustrate C. Depict D. Map out 2. Jason is a very capable individual, not just is the exceptionally good at _______ his own business but that is likewise involved in a many charity work. A. Law B. Make C. To run D. Operation 3. Together a(n) _______ you receive many of your training top top the job while functioning for one employer that helps you learn the necessary an abilities for a details trade. A. Exchange student B. Apprentice C. Instructor D. Collaborator 4. If he welcomed the promotion, it would certainly involve him gift _______ to the head offices in France. A. Reinvented B. Transported C. Transferred D.transfer 5. The value of a computer system programmer deserve to be _______ a teacher. A. As twice much as B. As much as twice of C. Twice as greater as that D. Double as high together that of 6. The paintings, _______ depictions of quiet life, had allegorical symbolism. A. Many of them were B. Castle were mainly C. Many of which to be D. The many were. 7. I bought this grammar book _______ I could go over every the points we have actually studied this year A. So that B. The C. So far as D. Seeing that 8. Jenny had changed so lot that _______ anyone well-known her. A. Solid B. Not C. Nearly D. Practically 9. She _______ drive to the station every day yet then she suddenly decided to to walk instead. A. Has used come B. Was utilizing to C. Was used to D. Provided to 10. That is claimed that at the time an useful artifacts _______ ~ above the black sector for more than one hundred thousand Euros a piece. A. Were offering B. Had actually been marketing C. To be being marketed D. Had sold 11. _______ regards sports and recreation activities, our 2 countries show up to have tiny in common. A. With B. What C. Exactly how D. As 12. Beth _______ all night functioning on her assignment together the tutor was missing the next day and also an expansion was given. A. Needn’t have stayed increase B. Shouldn’t have stayed up C. Shouldn’t have actually been staying up D. Didn’t have to stay increase 13. Walk you understand that they’ve _______ away v plastic to buy bags at the neighborhood supermarket? A. Excellent B. Bid C. Come D. Broken 14. Emily’s teachers congratulated she on being welcomed to one of the most _______ universities in the country. A. Landscape B. Enticing C. Prestigious D. Effervescent 15. There was nothing they might do _______ leave the vehicle at the roadside whereby it had broken down A. Unless B. However C. Instead of D. Than 16. The price Mary provided was so confusing that her lecturer might hardly make _______ the it at all. A. Sense B. An interpretation C. Interpretation D. Intelligibility 17. Although the players did their best, our team didn’t control to _______ because that the finals of the world Cup. A. Share B. Qualify C. Increase D. Testify 18. Yes no allude _______ to gain an extension since the tutor will certainly not give you one. A. To try B. Trying C. To trying D. On make the efforts 19. Us are ready to overlook the error top top this chance _______ your previous an excellent work. A. Through a view to B. Thanks to C. V regard come D. In the light of 20. The candidate tho expects to it is in re-elected _______ the outcomes of the recent opinion poll. A. Personal B. Without C. However D. Nevertheless 21. The driver’s attention was _______ through a child running across the road. A. Deterred B. Disturbed C. Distracted D. Ruined 22. It is _______ probable the they are the initial bindings the the manuscript. A. Extensively B. Extremely C. Utterly D. Bitterly part 2: complete each sentence with perfect prepositions or particles. Create your answers in the numbered boxes. 1. Despite his solid craving _______ a cigarette John managed to avoid smoking until he got out that the habit totally 2. Ns am afraid our plans have actually fallen _______. We will need to think again. 1 3. _______ balance, ns think the government’s doing a reasonable job. 4. The professor broke _______ she lecture when she heard a mobile ringing. 5. The hotel to be terrible, yet the wonderful coast made _______ our disappointment. 6. Supposedly a number of army police officers were implicated _______ the plot. 7. Ns tried come get an early night, but just together I to be dropping _______ the phone call rang. 8. If Colin promises to perform something, he will. He never goes _______ his word. 9. With total disregard _______ her very own safety, Ann jumped in to rescue the dog. 10. Neil was as well embarrassed to bring _______ the question of who would pay. Part 3: The passage below contains 10 mistakes. UNDERLINE the mistakes and WRITE their CORECT forms in the spaces noted in the shaft on the right. (0) has actually been done together an example. Researchers researching the mind has found distinctions in the left side and right side of the brain. Researchers think that civilization who use an ext of the left side of their brain tends to be an ext intelligent. They additionally tend to use language far better and solve problems faster. Therefore, one study additionally showed that left-brain human being tend to have actually worse memories. So, which side of the brain do lefties use? Actually, both. Right-handed world use the left next of the mind more, whereas left-handed human being use both sides of the brain most equally. The component connected the 2 halves that the mind is usually larger in left-handed people. Therefore, information can pass an ext efficiently indigenous one side of the brain to other. The left hemisphere of the mind controls speech, language, writing, logic, mathematics, and science. The right hemisphere controls music, art, creativity, perception, and emotional. Because lefties use both sides, they are frequently both an innovative and scientific. Approximately ten percent that the civilization is left-handed, and the proportion of lefthanded males to left-handed females is 2 to one. Thankful, parents and teachers no longer treat left-handedness prefer a problem to it is in curing. It may actually contribute to a child’s excellence! If permitted to learn and develop in their very own way, lefties will certainly excel in school. Perhaps among these lefties might turn up to be the following Einstein or Da Vinci. 0. _____ have ______ 1. ____________________ 2. ____________________ 3. ____________________ 4. ____________________ 5. ___________________ 6. ____________________ 7. ____________________ 8. ____________________ 9. ____________________ 10. __________________ component 4: compose the correct type of every bracketed native in the numbered space noted in the column on the right. CURRENT comes to In our modern-day world, over there is a an excellent concern around the (1. DESTROY) _______ the the rainforests and its impact on our an international climate, exactly how to border carbon (2. EMIT) _______ effectively and seek viable alternatives to fossil fuels and a multitude of other issues, such as the safe (3. DISPOSE) _______ of toxicity waste materials and also ways to limit the amount of (4. POISON) _______ chemicals entering our water solution and, ultimately, the food chain. Some argue that development and growth needs to be an ext considered in the approach and that current development is (5. SUSTAIN) _______ in the long term. Farming problems such together soil (6. ERODE) _______ and the over- exploitation that our natural resources should be tackled headon. The good news, though, is the whilst the human race has become (7. EXCESS) _______ dependence on fossil fuels, because that example, study and advance into viable different energy resources is gaining momentum and making breakthroughs that may yet save the day. We need to remember, however, the there room not always alternatives to the sources we use and also that, in the future, a (8. SCARCE) _______ of drink water might well reveal our vulnerability. Currently, ours (9. CONSUME) _______ the some resources is exhausted reserves and forcing united state to seek options fast. The is likewise leading to greater (10. EQUAL) _______ in between those that have and those who don’t. The concern remains: just how do us make our development an ext balanced and also long-lasting? your answers: 1.___________________ 2.___________________ 3.___________________ 4.___________________ 5.___________________ 6.___________________ 7.___________________ 8.___________________ 9.___________________ 10.__________________ III. READING component 1: check out the complying with passage and also decide i beg your pardon answer (A, B, C, or D) ideal fits every gap. Create your answer in the numbered boxes. 2 “Living” walls minimize pollution in cities structures covered in greenery are starting to show up in cities roughly the world. These living walls room the exterior surfaces of buildings, bursting everywhere with vegetation. They definitely look pretty, yet there"s a far an ext interesting factor (1) _______ their existence. According to biochemists, the environment-friendly walls - which room covered through pre-planted panels sell several (2) _______ besides disguising an ugly facade. They have actually been (3) _______ come cool the structure down, reduce noise, and make the block an ext energy (4) _______. But (5) _______ is really amazing is that environment-friendly walls can potentially minimize air air pollution in the "corridors" in between tall buildings on a street. Together the wind (6) _______ v these synthetic canyons, carrying through it website traffic fumes and other environmental pollutants, the environment-friendly walls appear to (7) _______ big amounts of the many harmful chemistry in the air. This might be the perfect (8) _______ come the challenge of enhancing air high quality in some of the planet"s most polluted cities. 1. A. Of 2. A. Revenues 3. A. Demonstrated 4. A. Effective 5. A. Over there 6. A. Runs 7. A. Soak 8. A. Equipment B. Because that B. Worths B. Convinced B. Practical B. It B. Travel B. Breathe B. Activity C. In C. Services C. Embraced C. Economical C. This C. Roll C. Take C. An outcome D. V D. Positives D. Confirmed D. Appropriate D. What D. Paris D. Absorb D. Reaction component 2: fill each that the complying with numbered blanks v ONE perfect word. Compose your answers in the equivalent numbered boxes. In pursuit of excellence In the at an early stage 1990s, the psychologist K Anders Ericsson and also two colleagues conducted some research into the relationship in between talent and also hard work at Berlin"s elite Academy the Music. The curious thing (1) _______, castle couldn"t find any type of musicians who might excel without any kind of effort, or who can get come the optimal (2) _______ practicing as lot as all their peers. Also, they were unable to find any type of people who worked harder 보다 everyone else and also yet just didn"t have precisely what it takes come break into the height ranks. For this reason their study would absolutely seem to show that as soon as someone makes (3) _______ right into a height music school, the thing that distinguishes one performer indigenous (4) _______ is how hard he or she works. That"s it. What"s more, through the musicians best at the very top, it"s just not a instance of their (5) _______ worked harder, lock have functioned much, lot harder. This idea of excellence inquiry a minimum level that practice, arises time (6) _______ time in research studies of field of expertise in assorted fields. In fact, researchers have actually come (7) _______ an commitment on what they believe to it is in the variety of hours the practice forced for true expertise: 10,000. In their research, they have actually yet to come across (8) _______ that has accomplished world-class expertise in much less time. It seems that civilization need (9) _______ lot of time in order because that them to take it in everything they need to recognize to achieve genuine mastery. This is true (10) _______ with individuals we think of as geniuses. Part 3: check out the complying with passage and choose the best answer (A, B, C, or D) because that each question. Create your prize in the numbered boxes. Our vanishing Night If human beings were truly at house under the irradiate of the moon and also stars, we would go in darkness happily, the midnight world as visible to us as it is to the vast number of nocturnal varieties on this world who feeling at house in it. Instead, we room diurnal creatures, v eyes adapted to living in the sun"s light. This an easy fact is engrained deep in our hereditary make-up, also though many of united state don"t think of ourselves together diurnal us any more than us think the ourselves together primates or mammals or Earthlings. However it"s the only method to describe what we"ve done to the night. We"ve somehow controlled to engineer the night to receive us by pour it until it is full it v light. This sort of regulate is no different from the feat of damming a river. Its services come with after-effects - dubbed light air pollution - whose effects scientists are only now start to study. Light contamination is mainly the result of bad lighting design, which permits artificial light to bright outward and also upward right into the sky, where it"s no wanted, instead of concentrating it downward, wherein it is. Illdesigned lighting washes out the darkness of night, changing light levels and also light rhythms come which numerous forms that life, including ourselves, have adapted. Where manmade irradiate spills into the herbal world, some elements of life migration, reproduction, feeding - is affected. For most human history, the expression "light pollution" would have actually made no sense. Imagine walking towards London ~ above a moonlit night approximately 1800, once it was Earth"s many populous city. Almost a million people lived there, making do, as 3 they constantly had, v candles, torches and lanterns. Just a few houses to be lit by gas, and there would certainly be no public gaslights in the roadways or squares for another seven years. Indigenous a few miles away, girlfriend would have actually been much more likely to smell London than to see its dim collective glow. We"ve lit increase the night together if it to be an unoccupied country, once nothing can be more from the truth. Among mammals alone, the variety of nocturnal species is astonishing. Irradiate is a powerful biological force, and also on many types it acts as a magnet attracting them to it. The impact is so an effective that researchers speak the songbirds and seabirds gift "captured" through searchlights on land or by the light from gas flares on maritime oil platforms, circling and circling in the thousands till they drop. Moving at night, birds space apt to collide with brightly lit high buildings; immature birds on their first journey experience disproportionately. Part birds - blackbirds and also nightingales, among others - sing at unnatural hours in the visibility of fabricated light. That was as soon as thought that light pollution only impacted astronomers, who need to see the night sky in every its glorious clarity. Unequal astronomers, many of us might not need an undiminished watch of the night skies for our work, however like many other creatures us do require darkness. Denying darkness is futile. The is as vital to preserving our biological welfare together light itself; the price of editing and enhancing our inner clockwork method it doesn"t operate as that should, leading to various physics ailments. The consistent oscillation of waking and also sleep in our stays is nothing less than a biological expression of the continuous oscillation of irradiate on Earth. So basic are these rhythms to our being the messing v them is akin to altering our facility of gravity. In the end, people are no less trapped by light air pollution than the frogs in a pond near a brightly lit highway. Life in a glare that our own making, us have cut ourselves off from our evolutionary and cultural heritage - the light of the stars and the rhythms that day and also night. In a really real sense, light pollution causes us to lose sight of ours true place in the universe, to forget the scale of our being, i beg your pardon is best measured against the dimensions of a deep night through the Milky Way- the sheet of our galaxy - arching overhead. 1. In the an initial paragraph, what does the writer suggest around darkness? A. It is linked to our survive instinct. B. Early humans came to be accustomed come it. C. Us are one of the few animals who are afraid it. D. Our solution to that is intrinsic come our species. 2. The writer refers to damming a river to underline the fact that _______ A. Beneficial modifications can have negative effects. B. Water and light space equally crucial to human and also animal life. C. Irradiate pollution can have a selection of sources. D. It"s inadvisable come interfere with key environmental features. 3. What allude is the writer making around London in 1800? A. It was essentially invisible at night. C. Its occupants were subject to strictly laws concerning lighting. D. Its lack of illumination made it a dangerous place. B. It was famed for its resourceful lighting. 4. In the fourth paragraph, the writer says that light pollution has actually caused some animals to _______ A. Construct physiological adaptations to brighter conditions. B. Alter behavioral patterns. C. Risk ending up being endangered species. D. Be more susceptible come predation. 5. In the 5th paragraph, the writer draws a comparison between "denying darkness" and _______ A. Maintaining our organic welfare. B. Editing our internal clockwork. C. Leading to various physical ailments. D. Changing our center of gravity. 6. The as whole tone that the short article is one of _______ A. Concern around how escalating light air pollution will affect varieties in the future. B. Remorse at the lose of a an essential aspect of our connection with nature. C. Optimism around our raising awareness that a crucial environmental issue. D. Doubt regarding whether the impacts of light contamination can ever before be reversed. Part 4: read the adhering to passage and also answer inquiries 1-14 The services of gift Bilingual A. Follow to the recent figures, the majority of the world’s population is currently bilingual or multilingual, having grown up speaking two or more languages. In the past, such children were considered to be in ~ a disadvantage compared with their monolingual peers. Over the past few decades, however, technological advances have enabled researchers come look more deeply at how bilingualism interacts with and changes the cognitive and neurological systems, in order to identifying number of clear benefits of gift bilingual. 4 B. Research shows that when a bilingual human being uses one language, the various other is active at the very same time. When we hear a word, us don’t listen the whole word all at once: the sounds arrive in sequential order. Long before the indigenous is finished, the brain’s language system starts to guess: v what that word can be. If friend hear ‘can’, girlfriend will likely activate words favor ‘candy’ and ‘candle’ as well, at least throughout the previously stages of indigenous recognition. Because that bilingual people, this activation is not restricted to a single language; auditory input activates matching words regardless of the language to which they belong. Some of the most compelling evidence for this phenomenon, dubbed ‘ language co-activation’, originates from studying eye movements. A Russian-English bilingual asked come ‘pick increase a marker’ indigenous a collection of objects would look an ext at a stamp than someone that doesn’t understand Russian, because the Russian word because that ‘stamp’, marka, sounds prefer the English word that or she heard, ‘marker’. In instances like this, language co-activation occurs since what the listener hears might map top top words in one of two people language. C. Having to resolve this persistent linguistic competition can result in difficulties, however. For instance, knowing an ext than one language can reason speakers to surname pictures much more slowly, and also can increase ‘tip-of-the-tongue states’, when you can almost, but not quite, carry a word come mind. As a result, the constant juggling of two languages creates a need to control how lot a human accesses a language at any type of given time. For this reason, bilingual world often perform far better on tasks that require problem management. In the classic Stroop Task, civilization see a word and are inquiry to name the color of the word’s font. When the colour and also the word complement (i.e., the word ‘red’ printed in red), world correctly name the colour much more quickly than when the colour and also the word don’t complement (i.e., words ‘red’ published in blue). This occurs due to the fact that the word itself (‘red’) and its font colour (blue) conflict. Bilingual world often excel at jobs such as this, i beg your pardon tap right into the capacity to ignore competing perceptual information and focus ~ above the relevant aspects of the input. Bilinguals room also much better at switching between two tasks; for example, as soon as bilinguals have to switch from categorizing objects by color (red or green) to categorizing lock by shape (circle or triangle), they execute so more quickly than monolingual people, reflecting better cognitive manage when having to do rapid changes of strategy. D. It additionally seems the the neurological roots of the bilingual benefit extend to brain areas more traditionally linked with sensory processing. As soon as monolingual and bilingual adolescents listen to simple speech sounds without any type of intervening background noise, they present highly similar mind stem responses. As soon as researchers play the same sound to both teams in the visibility of background noise, however, the bilingual listeners’ neural response is substantially larger, reflecting much better encoding of the sound’s fundamental frequency, a attribute of sound closely related to pitch perception. E. Such improvements in cognitive and also sensory processing may aid a bilingual person to process information in the environment, and assist explain why bilingual adults gain a third language much better than singular adults understand a second language. This benefit may be rooted in the skill of focussing on information around the brand-new language while reducing interference from the language they currently know. F. Research likewise indicates that bilingual suffer may assist to save the cognitive mechanisms spicy by recruiting alternate mind networks come compensate because that those that become damaged during aging. Enlarge bilinguals enjoy enhanced memory loved one to monolingual people, which deserve to lead to real-world health benefits. In a research of over 200 patients through Alzheimer’s disease, a degenerative mind disease, bilingual patients reported showing initial symptom of the an illness an mean of 5 years later on than singular patients. In a follow-up study, researchers compared the brains of bilingual and also monolingual patients suitable on the severity of alzheimer symptoms. Surprisingly, the bilinguals’ brains had much more physical indicators of disease than their monolingual counterparts, also though their outward behaviour and also abilities to be the same. If the brain is an engine, bilingualism may assist it to walk farther top top the very same amount the fuel. G. Furthermore, the benefits connected with bilingual suffer seem to start very early. In one study, researchers taught seven-month-old babies growing up in singular or bilingual homes that once they heard a tinkling sound, a puppet appeared on one side of a screen. Halfway v the study, the puppet began appearing on the opposite next of the screen. In stimulate to gain a reward, the infants had to change the preeminence they’d learned; only the bilingual babies were able to successfully learn the new rule. This argues that for very young children, and also for older people, navigating a multilingual setting imparts advantages that transport far beyond language. Inquiries 1-5. Complete the table below. Choose NO more THAN two WORDS native the passage for each answer. Write your answer in boxes 1-5. Test Findings Observing the (1) ______________________ the Bilingual human being engage both languages Russian- English bilingual world when asked to select simultaneously: a mechanism known as (2) certain objects _____________________ A test referred to as the (3) ________________________________, concentrating on naming colours Bilingual people are an ext able to manage tasks including a skill dubbed (4) __________________________________ 5 A test entailing switching between tasks When changing strategies, bilingual people have remarkable (5) ________________________________ concerns 6-10 execute the adhering to statements agree with the claims of the writer in the analysis passage? In boxes 6-10, write YES if the explain agrees through the claims of the writer NO if the declare contradicts the insurance claims of the writer NOT offered if that is difficult to speak what the writer thinks about this 6. Perspectives towards bilingualism have adjusted in recent years. 7. Bilingual civilization are better than monolingual human being at guessing effectively what words are prior to they space finished. 8. Bilingual world consistently name images much faster than monolingual people. 9. Bilingual people’s brains procedure single sounds an ext efficiently than monolingual human being in every situations. 10. Fewer bilingual world than monolingual civilization suffer from mind disease in old age. Questions 11-14 The reading passage over has 7 paragraphs, A-G. Which paragraph consists of the complying with information? write the correct letter, A-G, in crate 11-14. 11. An instance of just how bilingual and monolingual people’s brain respond in different way to a certain type of non-verbal auditory intake 12. A demonstration of exactly how a bilingual upbringing has benefits even prior to we discover to speak 13. A description of the procedure by which civilization identify words the they hear 14. Reference to some negative consequences of being bilingual 1. 1. IV. WRITING part 1 : end up each that the complying with sentences in together a method that it means exactly the very same as the sentence prior to it. Our picnic to be cancelled due to the fact that it rained greatly last Sunday. → If _______________________________________________________. They believe that the robbers gained into the bank through the roof. → The robbers _____________________________________________________. I described what had happened yet they totally refused to accept what ns said. → They uncovered ______________________________________________________________. Passengers can only plank the plane when every bags have actually been checked. → just _______________________________________________________. In his current article, Bob stated all the faults in the government"s new transport policy. → In his current article, Bob was _____________________________________________________. Part 2: use the word provided in brackets and make any necessary additions to write a brand-new sentence in together a method that that is as comparable as possible in an interpretation to the initial sentence. Execute NOT change the type of the given word. You have to use in between three and also six words, consisting of the indigenous given. (0) has actually been done as an example. 0. Mrs regretted speak so rudely to the old lady (more) → woman ________ wishes she had spoken much more ______ politely to the old lady. Radford has contributed in a useful means this season yet the team would most likely be fine without him. (though) → useful ________________________________________________ this season, the team would more than likely be fine without him I wanted to get a mechanic to organization my auto before i went top top holiday, yet I didn’t have time. (have) → i would prefer _______________________________________ before I walk on vacation , yet I didn’t have time. Only when Yoshi was advocated to his new job did the realise exactly how much he to be appreciated by his colleagues. (until) → it ________________________________________________ his brand-new job that he realised just how much he was appreciated by his colleagues. Jenny was the person who really didn’t want to tidy increase after the party. (objected) → that __________________________________________ up after the party. Ns was amazed that John quit eating meat totally in an attempt to improve his health. (gave) → lot ______________________________________________ eating meat fully in an effort to improve his wellness 6 7