Venessa Villanueva is famed for being the ex-wife of chris Perez. They gained married in 2006 before getting divorced in 2008. The couple is additionally blessed with two children, daughter, Cassie Perez, and son, Noah Perez.

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Perez is a Latin rock as well as a heavy metal guitarist and songwriter. The has likewise bagged a Grammy award because that the best Latin track for his album, Ressurection. Together for Villanueva, she has acted in movie such as Memphis Rising: Elvis Return and also Forgotten Memories.

Venessa partnership with her ex-husband, chris Perez

Venessa Villanueva met chris Perez in 1998. Castle were introduced by their typical friend, John Garza. After their first meeting, the pair dropped instantly in love v each other and also began dating thereafter.

The pair finally tied your wedding node in 2001. In early time, the pair came to be the parental of two children, son, young name Perez and daughter, Cassie Perez. Both of them equally to be fond of your children.

Cause the Venessa divorce with Chris Perez

However, the relationship between Venessa and Chris deteriorated together the pair gained divorced official in 2008. The reason behind the couple separation and also eventual divorce was because of Venessa accusing chris of his wild outdoor activities.

Venessa further claimed that kris was fond of using a many alcohol and recreational drugs. He never ever took good care the her as he to be busying partying while preventing her.


Chris Perez with his ex-wife, Venessa Villanueva, and their children. Image Source: Egossip.

It was likewise further reported the Venessa demanded all of Perez’s property and also assets as a component of the last property settlement. It was done to conclude the final legal separation for the couple. She was also labeled together The Lady of Luxury by Perez’s family. The reason for your naming therefore is because of the luxurious and extravagant way of living that Vennessa enjoy it in.

For the moment being, there is no information around either that the couple’s details the their present relationship. Vennessa is right now living with her children. While chris is rumored come have engaged to Melissa Jimenez in early 2018. Chris Perez’s fiance Jimenez is a songwriter and also singer by profession.

Chris Perez and also his so late wife, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Previously, kris Perez to be married to his first wife, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in 1992. However, the couple was no destined to gain a lengthy happy marital relationship. Selena was murdered in 1995 by she friend, Yolanda Saldivar.


Chris was married come Selena yet it finished after she got murdered by she friend. Picture Source: Pinterest.

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Sources revealed that kris still has actually his contact with his so late wife’s family. Selena was an American singer and was well-known as the Tejano genre of music.