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The orgasm of Jack London"s brief story To construct a Fire occurs once the story"s protagonist , simply referred to together "the man," warming self after falling v the ice cream in the extreme, frigid cold of the Yukon Territory, discovers the folly of structure a fire beneath a...

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The climax of Jack London"s short story To build a Fire occurs once the story"s protagonist, merely referred to as "the man," warming self after falling v the ice cream in the extreme, frigid cold that the Yukon Territory, discovers the folly of structure a fire beneath a snow-covered tree. As anybody who has actually experience camping or long in the woods throughout winter knows, structure a fire underneath a snow-covered tree will certainly invariably result in the snow-covered branches buckling under the weight of the snow and dumping the icy powder onto the meticulously-crafted fire, extinguishing the individual"s sole source of warmth. The allude of London"s story, however, is specifically this: the folly that man"s insistence ~ above believing the he can conquer nature, and also the dangers of arrogance. 

London"s protagonist is presented as a newcomer to the harsh, forbidding coldness of the far-north throughout the center of winter. That is likewise depicted as enduring from an acute feeling of pundit superiority, cavalierly spreading aside warnings the dread, certain in the id that he to know better. Observe, because that instance, the adhering to passage from at an early stage in To build a Fire:

"He to be a freshman in the land, and this was his an initial winter.

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"The trouble with him was the he was not able come imagine. He was quick and ready in the things of life, however only in the things, and also not in your meanings. Fifty degrees listed below zero expected 80 levels of frost. Together facts said him that it to be cold and also uncomfortable, and also that to be all. That did not lead him to consider his weakness as a creature affected by temperature."

As the man proceeds his trek v the woods for his meeting through "the boys," he consistently demonstrates disdain because that the warnings of "the old man on Sulphur Creek." The latter"s warnings versus attempting to undertake a hike under such conditions as existed room ignored, and the result, or resolution the London"s story, is the man"s death. And, that is only as soon as he knows the he has failed in his mission, and that his fatality is near, the he lastly acknowledges the the warnings he had actually ignored to be prescient. Together London bring his story come an end, his protagonist murmurs come himself concerning the old male from Sulphur Creek"s advice, “You were right, old fellow. You were right."

That London titled his story "To develop a Fire" is a clean indication that he to plan the climactic scene to be that which affiliated the building and construction of a fire under preposterous problems (i.e., under snow-covered branches). That his protagonist need to perish indigenous the harsh winter problems due to his arrogance and ignorance is one apt resolution of the central conflict of guy versus nature.