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Average straight flight time1 hr 46 minsCheapest straight return flight$141Flights per week24Airlines that fly direct

COVID-19 travel restrictions are transforming fast, however we're right here to aid you discover the advice you need. Examine our live COVID-19 page for an ext info on United states travel restrictions, and also to find out if quarantine on arrival at ft Leonard Wood may be needed.
The average trip time to ft Leonard timber is 4 hours and also 8 minutes. We've calculated this based on journeys native Washington.
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About fort Leonard Wood

Cheap Flights to Waynesville-St. Robert local Airport

The Waynesville-St. Robert local Airport (TBN) is a small local airport situated in ft Leonard Wood, i beg your pardon is why countless refer come it as the ft Leonard wood Airport. Army aircraft stand for the largest of this airport's waiting traffic, however it tho sees a little over 4,000 passenger or advertisement flights arrive and depart annually. The is an important Air company airport, which means that the military is responsible for taking care of flights to fort Leonard timber Airport (TBN) and also helping passengers.

Facilities at Waynesville-St. Robert regional Airport

The just airline that have the right to offer flights to ft Leonard timber Airport (TBN) is Cape Air. This airline operates 5 flights every day back and forth in between Fort Leonard Wood and also St. Louis. Near the airplane is a branch that Hertz, but you'll also find various other rental auto agencies, including Enterprise, operating within the city. If bookings are made in advance, the firm can bring cars to the airport so they're prepared to walk following any kind of cheap flights to fort Leonard timber Airport (TBN). Checker Cab, Yellow Cab, Union Cab company and City Cab agency can all choose you increase from the airport. If a ride to downtown ft Leonard wood is about $15, it have the right to cost an ext than $100 to with other surrounding cities, such together Waynesville, St. Robert, Rolla, St. James and Licking.

Things come Do near Waynesville-St. Robert local Airport

Though fort Leonard lumber is a military base, it sits close to Old course 66, which lets you travel to many surrounding attractions, consisting of the Old Stagecoach Stop. Previously offered as a pub and also hospital, the structure now homes a museum. You have the right to then park your car and also walk end to the Old Courthouse Museum. Numerous of the museums in the area, favor the US army Engineer Museum and also US military Military Police Corps Museum, have a link to the city's army history. Visitors can additionally enjoy the new air together they hike along the rock Mill Spring and also Trail and also the Sandstone spring Trail. Though the city doesn't have traditional neighborhoods, you'll discover shops prefer the funding Candy Store, GNC and also a Cabela's Outlet Store close to downtown.

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Travel Tips for Waynesville-St. Robert regional Airport

Restaurants in fort Leonard wood cater to the staff functioning on the military base, i beg your pardon is why you'll find numerous fast-food and also casual restaurants. Many charge $50 or less for dinner because that two, but others will allow you and your companion dine for as tiny as $20. The ft Leonard Wood freedom Day Celebration is just one of the region's top events and also features an impressive fireworks display. Oktoberfest, i m sorry the military puts on every year, is open up to the public close to the start of October. Once looking to book cheap flights to fort Leonard wood Airport (TBN), consider planning your expedition for the late summer or early on autumn. Temperature drop into the 60s however can with highs close to 80 degrees, and less rain falls throughout these months than others.