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No one desires to spend countless hours in the car, though, for this reason centregalilee.com has actually compiled a list of 6 beaches to visit the are much less than four hours away by vehicle from Harrisburg.


It'll just take you 3 hours and also 27 minute to drive the family members from Harrisburg come Rehoboth Beach, the "largest beach resort in the State that Delaware," follow to the city's website. The mile-long boardwalk is home to a number of restaurants and also shops, follow to coastal Living. Among the greatest rated attractions near Rehoboth beach on TripAdvisor is the Rehoboth beach Bandstand, which has a number of cost-free events throughout the year.


It is simply three hours and also 28 minute to drive the household from Harrisburg to Cape may in brand-new Jersey, which VisitNJ.org says is "the earliest resort (sic) and also one of the most beautiful clues in the country." The city is a National historic District the has around 600 maintained Victorian buildings, a few of which room bed and breakfasts. Amongst the greatest rated attractions near Cape may on TripAdvisor encompass Jersey shore Alpacas, wherein visitors room able to meet and also feed as much as 17 alpacas; and the marine Air station Wildwood Aviation Museum, which has actually over 26 aircraft displays.


It takes simply three hours and 17 minutes to drive from Harrisburg to long Beach Island in new Jersey, an "18-mile-long island strewn with tiny shore towns and long follow me of white sand," follow to VisitNJ.org. Adjacent attractions include the initial Ron Jon Surf Shop, i m sorry was started in 1961 through surfer Ron Dimenna; and also Wally's, a favourite breakfast and lunch spot because that locals, follow to NJ.com.


It takes around two hours and also 42 minutes to drive from Harrisburg to Asbury Park in new Jersey, which has a "mile the sand and also water" and several revived and historical buildings, follow to the City of Asbury Park. Among the highest possible rated attractions close to Asbury Park incorporate the Silverball Museum Arcade, which has up to 600 gamings in rotation; and also the revitalized Paramount Theater and Convention Hall.


It takes around three hours to drive from Harrisburg to Margate in new Jersey, which philly Voice explains as a "great location for water-sports enthusiasts and shoppers who want to peruse local goods..." among the optimal rated attractions close to Margate City ~ above TripAdvisor is Lucy the Elephant, a six-story-high structure that's provided on the nationwide Park it is registered of historical Landmarks.

It takes around two hours and also 54 minutes to journey from Harrisburg to suggest Pleasant in brand-new Jersey, which has a mile-long boardwalk through dozens that children's rides and games, follow to VisitNJ.com. One of the top-rated attractions near suggest Pleasant on TripAdvisor is Jenkinsons Aquarium, which has actually been around since 1991. The boardwalk will additionally have a "Boo at the Boardwalk" occasion from noon come 4 p.m. Oct. 22 and 23, where youngsters can walk trick-or-treating or take part in a range of games and also activities.

If driving throughout state present isn’t your idea of a relaxing getaway, you don’t have to worry. There are a number of activities you deserve to do v the family in main Pennsylvania, such together visiting the wolf Sanctuary in Lancaster or acquisition a dip in ~ the tiny Buffalo State Park in Newport. If you’re ready to drive a small farther, then take into consideration checking off some of the item on our Pennsylvania Bucket List, such together touring the Gettysburg Battlefield or taking in the see of the grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.

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