General Jackson cruise lengths vary, but most cruises last in between 2 1/2 and also 4 hours. Our existing cruise lengths are:

Tennessee Legends Midday Cruise Schedule: Boarding: 11:15 a.m.Departure: 12:00 noonReturn: 2:30 p.m.Tennessee Christmas Midday Cruise Schedule: Boarding: 11:15 a.m.Departure: 12:00 p.m.Return: 2:30 p.m.Music City Nights night Cruise Schedule:Boarding: 6:15pmDeparture: 7:00pmReturn: 10:00pm Music City Christmas evening Cruise Schedule:Boarding: 6:15pmDeparture: 7:00pmReturn: 9:45pm


Weather connected Instances; we make every effort to cruise during weather-related days even if it calls for a delay in leave time. Winds sustained at 20 mph or above or gusting in the 30 mph variety or above or once the river problems deteriorate i.e. High water, this can lower that thresh organize to cruise, but only slightly. If friend have concerns on a weather related day please contact our box office at 615-458-3900.

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The general Jackson provides ease of access for ours guests v disabilities together follows:

Boarding Ramp– The ramp that leads come the basic Jackson has an incline indigenous the dock onto the Texas Deck the the basic Jackson. There is likewise an lean ramp top top the dock that leads to the key Deck the the boat.

Texas Deck / Clerestory Deck– There space two (2) skinny ramps (Port and Starboard) leading from the Texas Deck to the Clerestory Deck for guests to accessibility the sleeve shop and also the Heritage hall lounge. Doors to both of these areas are 36” or an ext in width. This deck is also the uppermost deck with access for the onboard elevator. Guests wishing to utilize the elevator deserve to do so with the aid of a general Jackson crew member. The restrooms located on this deck space not wheelchair accessible.

Upper Deck– The balcony level the the Victorian theater is situated on this deck. The deck from the elevator come the balcony is level for Tables 51 – 75. There is a step up come the second tier the the balcony where Tables 76 – 80 are located, but an aluminum ramp is easily accessible to end this action for guests sitting in this area. The following tier in this area is one step up and provides access to the spanned Upper Deck Bow. The aluminum ramp would be compelled for this action also. A general Jackson crew member will aid with the ramp upon request. The paddlewheel observation deck is likewise located on this deck. The deck indigenous the elevator to the ago of the boat to watch the paddlewheel is level with an incline detailed from the doorway ~ above the deck area. Home windows have likewise been provided in the bulkhead for viewing the the paddlewheel. The restrooms ~ above this deck are not wheelchair accessible.

Main Deck– The key floor the the Victorian theater is situated on this deck. The deck from the elevator come the main floor is flat for all tables. Crew members will help in clearing a path for those in wheelchairs who need aid upon request. The only available restrooms top top the basic Jackson are situated on this deck with the Women’s being on the harbor Side and also the Men’s gift on the Starboard next of the key Deck Bow. The deck is inclined that leads native the door to the deck top top the bow the the boat.

Hurricane Deck– This top deck the the general Jackson is not available by elevator, but only by two staircases. There are no restrooms located on this deck. Those guest who have purchased the Captain’s Table will be on this deck because that the tourism of the Pilot House.


Strollers are allowed on board the basic Jackson. Please ask a crew member for elevator assistance when going between the various levels that the boat. Children should no be left unattended if on plank the boat.

CAN you TAKE photo AND video ON THE basic JACKSON?

Cameras are enabled if they are non-professional cameras with detachable lenses. Those must be pre-approved as media cameras. Tho photography is allowed of the entertainment however video clip photography of the mirrors is not permitted. Guests have actually the chance to have their photo taken through a general Jackson lift to save as a souvenir.

CAN YOU lug OUTSIDE FOOD and also DRINK ~ above THE general JACKSON?

We execute not enable outside food and drink. We have actually full business bar areas and meal alternatives with the cruise and shows.

WHAT must I WEAR top top THE basic JACKSON?

Casual dress for all cruises. Shirts and also shoes are compelled to it is in worn at all times. No halter top or bathing fit tops space allowed.

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WHERE have to I PARK?

The general Jackson share a parking lot through Opry Mills and there is no charge for parking. Take exit 11 (Opry Mills) turn off of Briley Parkway (TN-155). Move into the left lane prior to the traffic light to access the parking area top top the back side of Opry Mills. The the next parking will certainly be located between the Food Court entrance and Sun & Ski Sports, directly throughout from the general Jackson Plaza area where boarding takes place.



If you room interested in employment avenues with the general Jackson Showboat or any type of Gaylord entertainment venue please