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Average direct flight time2 hrsCheapest straight return flight$142Flights every week130Airlines the fly direct
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COVID-19 travel limitations are an altering fast, yet we\"re here to assist you discover the advice you need. Examine our live COVID-19 web page for much more info on United states travel restrictions, and also to discover out if quarantine on come at Yuma international may it is in needed.
The average flight time come Yuma worldwide is 7 hours. We\"ve calculate this based on journeys indigenous Washington.
American Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Mesa Airlines and Qatar Airways every fly non-stop to Yuma International.
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Flying come Yuma International

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Average trip time

2 hrs

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Most well-known airline

American Airlines

Flights every week


About Yuma International

Cheap Flights come Yuma worldwide Airport

Yuma, AZ is one oasis in the desert, through the Colorado river running through it. That is situated in the southwest edge of Arizona near the borders of California and also Mexico. Yuma global Airport sits around 4 miles south of Yuma\"s downtown organization district.

Find cheap flights to Yuma international Airport making use of\"s flight search tools. If your travel dates are flexible and also you desire to save on airfare, check out the cheapest month to fly to any destination, including Yuma, AZ.

Best times To publication a trip to Yuma

Because that is a desert city, Yuma can obtain quite warm, even in winter. There are various lakes, rivers, and water parks to keep everyone refreshed. If you want to take a cheap trip to Yuma international Airport as soon as the climate is many comfortable, walk in April, May, or October. Throughout these months, the wait temperature is usually between 68-86 levels on average. Indigenous June till September, temperatures in Yuma have the right to reach up to 104 degrees.

You can uncover the cheapest flights come Yuma during the summer season, specifically in July once the temperatures are higher. The optimal season, in the spring, is once airfare prices room higher.

Airlines that Fly come Yuma global Airport

Check because that

airlines that paris to your chosen destination. If you are taking a cheap trip to Yuma international Airport, the airline that fly to this small airport are American Airlines and also Alaska Airlines.

What To mean at Yuma Airport

Yuma worldwide Airport is not simply a commercial trip facility. It likewise is a website for US maritime Corp. Army flight activity and is offered by one aeromedical Medevac company. If you desire to rental a car upon landing in ~ Yuma Airport, there are four auto rental agencies located at the airport. These encompass Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz, and offices are situated at the east end that the terminal, opposite the baggage insurance claim area. Acquisition a taxicab from Yuma airport is easy, with five cab suppliers serving the area. Because that public transit service, there is the YCAT bus business that runs Monday v Friday.

A restaurant and lounge are available if you need to relax prior to continuing on her journey, and cost-free Wi-Fi and charging harbor are available throughout the building.

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Yuma Attractions

Hopefully you\"ve watched the many hotels in Yuma. Examine in and see what this city has to offer visitors, such as the Yuma Territorial prison State historic Park for background buffs. The surrounding Gateway Park has actually the Colorado River, go trails, and also playgrounds. The West Wetlands Park is an additional outdoor favorite for hanging out, fishing, and racing miniature boats. Girlfriend can also play the slots and games in ~ Quechan Casino.