Have You got A Beautiful gold Angel Coins v Your Change?

Well, I gained one from the stamp maker a couple of years back and placed it aside. This evening i came across it again and decided to take a closer look. There to be no markings top top the exterior edge the a true coin normally has stating “In God us Trust”, the year minted and also any minting location designation. Then i flipped the coin over and also noticed the exact same Angel picture on the back.

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Hmm… this Beautiful point of view Coin is no a Coin at All

As ns googled my summary of this piece, it became clear what I had thought was a $1 yellow coin was not a coin in ~ all, but a token passed as a coin. The gold finished piece was therefore beautiful I organized onto it think the was just a new $1 coin that come out.

What i Learned around This Is…

It is nothing but a guardian angel token for good Luck given out by the Catholic Relief Services. There is no yellow in “dem dar pieces” either, yet the gold finish renders them an extremely appealing come anyone receiving one. I check out in a discuss Reddit that some ex-Catholics think the token is haunted – and also another received their coin together a teen and was told that it was a reminder to them that God is always with lock in troubling times.1

Well, climate I found a site that made the seem an ext like there is some mystique and promise together I read, “the Legend that the point of view Coin in that whoever owns among these is promised love, money, and happiness. The original “Angel Coin” was minted by Augustine Dupre, a nobleman that was commissioned by King louis XVI in 1792 to design the brand-new monetary money for France. A certain believer in the power of guardian angels, Dupre incorporated this theme right into his architecture using a mold that unknown material developed by an alchemist well-known only together Le stat.

Years later, once Dupre fell out that favor v the King and also was condemned come death, legend has actually it the he was conserved from the guillotine when the Coin he lugged as a talisman reflect the sunlight in his jail cell so brilliantly at some point that the security on duty broke into tears at the sight, unlocked the cell door, and let Dupre make his escape.

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From that minute on, Dupre’s creation became known as the “Angel Coin”. He taken into consideration it a blessing because that his life-long belief in angels.” 2

Do these Tokens Carry any kind of Worth?

Well, as far as monetary or collector value, they have actually no value other than they are intended to carry a peace of mind to the bearer with a feeling of great luck wished upon them.

What could I expect to obtain for ~ above Marketplace or at a Flea Market?

Well, if you have one of this token that is worn, you could expect to acquire less than a dollar. If in fairly an excellent condition, you might get $1. If that is fully uncirculated, you could ask $4.00 for it. Together for this token, and also I am not a Catholic simply a humble Episcopalian, and I think I will make a necklace the end of it and ask God to please bring good luck to whoever put on it.3


1 (Does the gold Catholic double-sided angel coin have actually any definition into it?, 2020)