» Our purpose Statement

Our objective is to be used by God to accomplish Levitical principals as tape-recorded in the divine Bible. The choir is set apart because that the cause of Christ to collection an environment conducive for the working of the holy Spirit with spiritual songs and praise. This allows the liberty and freedom of the spirit of God come minister supernaturally through our leader for salvation, healing and deliverance in the congregation (2 Chronicles 20:21-22). Each Sunday, the choir sings songs that exalt, worship, glorify, and also praise the God the the Bible.

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» Sanctuary Choir

The top Room Sanctuary Choir is filled through a human body of believers complete of the spirit of God and also eager to do warfare v song. We are the primary resource of music for the church. Once the melodious voices sing the worship of God, injured hearts room healed. The depressed heart becomes lifted and your love is prepared to receive a word of knowledge. Yes, your heart will certainly be lifted. The Sanctuary Choir boasts 75 voices solid and is quiet growing! Come, hear and be blessed v this amazing music ministry. We deserve to be heard every Sunday morning.

» prayer Team

A smaller sized and more intimate anointed team of men and also women who usher in the praises that God. These unique, handpicked team of singers likewise live under the anointing that 2 Chronicles 20:21-22. You will hear this awesome and also power packed group at the start of every service. Yes, we prepare you because that what God is going to execute in our services.


» Men and also Women"s Choirs

perhaps you’re not ready for the Sanctuary Choir and/or time doesn"t enable you come commit to weekly singing and rehearsals. This special group of men and women usually do on unique occasions primarily during the men"s and women"s conferences. However, they are extremely necessary to the ministry and also their talent is second to none!

» Youth and Sunshine tape Choirs

upper Room Youth are among a kind; eager and aggressive to learn the points of God. Their growing voices are full of God"s praises. This team works in the Generation now Kids/Youth & Young Adult (Y&YA ) Department. Lock have also formed their very own youth “Church house Band”. Kids ages 3 come 18 space welcomed.

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» Feet of praise Dance Team

"Feet the Praise" is a set of liturgical dance. Everyone has actually a time where they dance before the Lord. The music and also song permit dancers to highlight the lyrics through dance. Whether we space at home, in church business or in a windy setting, we all suffer arm movements, foot stomping, toe-tapping and swaying or rocking come the music.

The to adjust is unique since it uses a team of dancers who love the mr an possibility to dance before the Him. If you room one that just can"t sit still during a time the praise and worship or if you space one that just needs to present the Lord just how you translate a song through run movements, then you are perfect candidate to join our ministry.

» Theatrical to adjust

Yes, there room times once singing the component just isn"t enough. Our Theatrical set is certainly anointed the God. The talents of the people who take part are greater than friend can even imagine. The performances capture the hearts and minds that the people. It opens up the door of fact in showing the scriptures in it"s truest form. Our in-house pat writes room anointed to their God-given inner thoughts of Scripture.