A means of learning about the natural human being through observations and also logical reasoning: leader to a body of knowledge.

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observingThe process of utilizing one or an ext of your senses to gather information.
inferringThe process of making an inference, an interpretation based upon observations and also prior knowledge.
predictingThe procedure of forecasting what will occur in the future based on past suffer or evidence.
quantitative observationAn observation that deals with a number or amount.
qualitative observationAn monitoring that transaction what qualities that cannot be to express in numbers.
controlled experimentAn experiment in which only one variable is manipulated at a time.
classifyingThe procedure of grouping with each other items that are alike in some way.
making modelsInvolves producing representations of complex objects or processes.
life scienceThe study of living things.
scientific inquiryThe diverse ways in which scientists study the organic world and propose explanations based on evidence lock gather; the ongoing process of exploration in science
hypothesisA possible explanation because that a set of observations or answer to a scientific question: need to be testable.
variableA element in an experiment that can change.
manipulated variableThe one variable that a scientist alters during one experiment: additionally called independent variable.
responding variableThe element that transforms as a an outcome of alters to the manipulated , or independent, variable in an experiment: likewise called dependency variable.
operational definitionA explain that describes how to measure a particular variable or exactly how to define a particular term.
dataFacts, figures, and also other evidence gathered v observations.

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communicatingThe procedure of sharing ideas with others through writing and also speaking.
procedurethe measures or directions because that an experiment
materialsthe item you use in an experiment
purposequestion you space trying to answer in an experiment
conclusionstates even if it is or not the data supports the hypothesis
engineerperson who uses an innovation and scientific research to solve handy problems
technologyhow people adjust the human being to meet their needs and also solve valuable problems
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