Warning: spoiler ahead for the very first episode of Criminal Minds Season 13. If you don"t desire the details ~ above what happened, check out several of our non-spoilery articles.

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Criminal Minds obtained off come a serious intense start with the Season 13 premiere, as the plot picked up appropriate where the Season 12 finale left off. The premiere revealed the one human being did certainly die in the car crash orchestrated through Mr. Scratch: certified dealer Stephen Walker, who died due come whiplash. His death didn"t come together too lot of a surprise, offered the truth that Criminal Minds permit the actor go over hiatus. The real surprise came because of the vast death at the very end that the episode. Mr. Scrape finally and quite definitively died, and the illustration addressed simply what that method for the long-lost Hotch.

Hotch was written out that Criminal Minds in Season 12 due to actor cutting board Gibson"s behind-the-scenes behavior. The early stage excuse because that Hotch"s lack was that he to be on distinct assignment, although that was later revealed the he really gotten in witness protection since the murderous Mr. Scratch was quite determinedly stalking his boy Jack. In spite of being concealed by the government, the truth was the Hotch and also Jack would never ever be truly for sure or cost-free to go back to their lives as long as Mr. Scrape was the end there.

Well, Mr. Scratch is no longer out there, as we saw his head smashed open up on the ground after he fell from a deadly height, and the team was temporarily overjoyed at the truth that Hotch was cost-free to return. With the threat to Jack no much longer in play, Hotch could theoretically return to the BAU and pick up whereby he left off, i beg your pardon would have actually been good for pan who have been lacking him.

Unfortunately, also if Mr. Scratch"s death way that Hotch and also Jack are free to return, the doesn"t median that thomas Gibson will certainly be invited earlier to Criminal Minds. In the episode, Prentiss revealed why we shouldn"t counting on see Hotch earlier in the BAU, or maybe on the display at all. She speak to Hotch off-screen, and so she was able to tell the rest of the team why Hotch would not be returning to the job.

As it transforms out, Hotch has grown to love gift able to spend time with his child on a full-time basis. The two acquired to be close in a way that was never feasible while Hotch was through the BAU, and Hotch isn"t going to provide up their closer relationship simply to return to his old job. Hotch and also Jack can wander easily without the specter of Mr. Scratch hanging over their heads; they simply won"t be doing that on Criminal Minds.

The news the Hotch isn"t coming back to Criminal Minds is undoubtedly poor news for any kind of fans that were hoping the the death of Mr. Scratch would mean the return of cutting board Gibson, but the events of the finale carry out at least mean the the show might be moving into an exciting brand-new era. V Mr. Scrape gone and also no much more need to stress over Hotch and Jack"s safety, there are brand-new stories that have the right to be tackled through the series moving forward. Hope it will be as exciting as the premiere.

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