According to Hindu philosophy, sansara is the endless cycle of birth, death and also rebirth. The routine emergence, dissolution and re-emergence of every existences has been described in shlokas native 8.17 to 8.19 of the Bhagavad Gita.

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As declared in miscellaneous shlokas of the second chapter that this spiritual classic, every being in the cosmos is a distinct soul (jeevatman - the embodied heart or the self). These souls room eternal and indestructible. Yet the physical body in which these souls reside, are perishable. The heart does no die as soon as the body dies. The soul changes his bodies similar to one changes his clothes. When the spirit leaves one body and takes another, he takes the mind and also the senses of that body along with it, come the various other body.

Rebirth is the legislation of nature. One who has actually taken birth is bound to die; and after death, he is sure to take birth again. One can, however, it is in freed indigenous this painful continuation of recurring births with sincere spiritual practices. Those who are perfected ~ above the course of yoga - gyan yoga, karma yoga and also bhakti yoga - escape from the bicycle of birth and also death i.e. They space not born again. In such a state of being, the ego created by ignorance, attachment and arrogance dissolves and the embodied soul realises his identification with the can be fried Self. Ignorance affects the individual soul and also not the Supersoul. Hence, in the state the perfection, a feeling of separateness vanishes. One is freed from the cycle of birth and also death. On the various other hand, those who room not perfect in yoga, they are born again and also again.

Fate that those who require to yoga v faith however fail to attain perfection has actually been disputed in shlokas indigenous 6.37 come 6.45. It has been assured the they execute not endure either in this world or in the life hereafter. Such a sincere yet imperfect practitioner that yoga attains heaven and dwells there for long. Thereafter, he takes birth in a pure and prosperous household or in the family of enlightened persons. Due to experiences of the ahead lives, he gets instantly attracted to yogic practices and also regains the impressions of yogic consciousness grew in those lives. And with that he strives again for attaining perfection. When such a yogi who has cleansed himself of every sins through the practice of plenty of lives, strives serious for additional progress, quickly he attains to the supreme goal.

Rebirth the the soul is also influenced by the modes of product nature (gunas). It has been declared in shlokas 14.14 and also 14.15 that as soon as a heart leaves the human body under the prominence of the setting of goodness (sattva guna), he climate attains come the pure worlds of those who understand the Highest. He who dies in the dominance of the mode of passion (rajas guna), is born amongst the persons attached come action. And also he that dies under the affect of the setting of ignorance (tamas guna), is born to the deluded. That has more been stated in shloka 14.18 that those that are created in the mode of goodness acquire the heaven, those who abide in the mode of passion stay on planet ; and also the ones steeped in the disgusting tendencies the the setting of ignorance autumn into the hell.

The prestige of the state of one’s mind at the moment of his fatality has to be emphasised in shlokas from 8.5 to 8.16. Everything state of being, one thinks of while providing up his body ; the attains that state since he ever remains absorbed in contemplation thereof. Therefore, the one who, at the moment of death, offers up his body thinking of the can be fried alone, attains come the standing of the Supreme. Having reached there, he does not take birth again in this impermanent world, full of miseries, because he has actually reached the highest perfection. The phrase ‘ever remains soaked up in contemplation thereof’ suggests that what determines one’s next life is not only the thought of the last moment but the persistent endeavour that the totality of his life.

In shlokas indigenous 8.23 to 8.26 Krishna has described the paths and periods departing in ~ which one is born again ; and likewise the paths and periods departing at which one is liberated.

The fate of the divine and the demoniac persons has been described in shlokas indigenous 16.19 come 16.22. It has been proclaimed that the demoniac, the evil doers, constantly take birth in inauspicious demoniac varieties of life and go to the shortest state. ~ above the various other hand, those who have actually overcome lust, anger and greed ; they with the greatest state.

All these space the determinants which influence one’s future state that being. To put the whole concept in contemporary language, it deserve to be said that class learnt indigenous the experiences of this life and likewise the previous resides are recorded in the soul, on a irreversible basis. This underlying database, which remains dormant, is carried by the soul from one body to another. These latent impressions of the soul type the communication of one’s initial begin in the brand-new life.

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To conclude, one’s thoughts and deeds the the previous have established his current birth ; and his current thoughts and also actions will decide his future life.