The crowd is filled through excitement this Saturday, December 28, 2019 evening at Atlantic City, NJ’s hard Rock Hotel and also Casino together music lovers inside the stunning Etess Arena all set themselves for a concert by among the world’s biggest bands — Earth, Wind and Fire.

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Says Adrian from Atlantic City, “We’re huge fans of Earth, Wind and Fire. My daughter got tickets for my wife, Rose, and me, and I have the right to tell you we’ve never ever been this close before at any type of concert.”

Adrian’s wife, Rose, adds, “We’ve never ever seen Earth, Wind and also Fire live, so I’m really excited — and I can’t wait come hear command singer, Philip Bailey, hit those exceptionally high notes.”

Concludes Adrian, “Hard Rock yes, really knows exactly how to bring an excellent acts come Atlantic City.”

Andrea native NJ speak us, “I gained front row tickets from my boss for mine 30th anniversary functioning at his company. I carried my childhood friend, Mary, in addition to my newlywed daughter and son-in-law. Mine daughter is a fan of Earth, Wind and Fire because I played their music at house while she was cultivation up.”

“Mary and I space long-time Earth, Wind and Fire fans,” proceeds Andrea. “We simply saw them last week top top the Kennedy facility Honors TV show and also it reminded united state of every the times we provided to walk dancing and also clubbing to their songs — we always had so lot fun listening to their music.”

Andrea’s friend, Mary, agrees adding, “This will certainly be my 4th time seeing Earth, Wind and also Fire, and also our second time see them together. Anyone loves your music — you have the right to be any type of age and also still enjoy it!”

A deep rumble filling the arena and also red lights rain down on the phase as a large assemblage of musician — Myron McKinley ~ above keyboards, Morris O’Connor and also Serg Dimitrijevic top top guitars, john Paris top top drums, Gray predisposition on saxophone, Bobby Burns, Jr. On trumpet, Reggie Young top top trombone, and also B. David Whitworth and Philip Bailey, Jr. ~ above vocals and percussion — take it the stage.

Audience members stand and also cheer as the group’s blaring horns and also tight rhythm ar start to play prior to the three original members the Earth, Wind and also Fire — Verdine White top top bass, Philip Bailey on vocals, and Ralph Johnson on vocals/percussion — go into to one eruption that emotion from the crowd.

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Bailey gets anyone to clap along while sax, trumpet, and trombone soulfully punctuate the happy arrangement.

The crowd cheers and, through a speed of light and also sound, the team segues into their 1975 #1 hit, “Shining Star.” Morris O’Connor and Serg Dimitrijevic play tasty etc licks on this R&B classic before multiple EWF vocalists consisting of Ralph Johnson, Philip Bailey, R. David Whitmore, and Philip Bailey, Jr. Dance center stage if singing, “You’re a shining star/No issue who you are/Shining bright come see/What you might truly be.”