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a game by Dimps Corporation
Genre: Action
Platform: GBA
Editor Rating: 6.8/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 12 votes
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Dragon ball Z: The legacy of son ogong II is the 2nd in the Dragon sphere Z: The heritage of Goku series of games. It largely improves on the an initial game and also fixes many of the issues that plagued the an initial game.


The story picks up from wherein the first game stopped. Scenarios indigenous the anime are reenacted in the game. If you no play the very first game and also you aren’t a pan of the anime, you could it hard to store up through the story. However you’ll still gain the game nevertheless.


In the very first game, you might only play as Goku. But now, you have the right to play as 4 other personalities too. If you proceed playing the game after you finish the story, you can unlock a last character. Every character has actually their own special strikes that to add a touch of variety to the gameplay.


Character change was presented to the series in this game, so her character can transform to various forms. Enemy characters now have bars displaying your stats above their heads, similar to what the player personality had.

As it remained in the ahead game, you finish tasks in one ar to open up up another location. The faster you level up, the quicker you can access other video game locations. Over there are additionally some locations that are details to some video game characters. So, friend will need to switch personalities to access these locations. You have the right to travel come locations virtually whenever you want as protest to the very first game where you can only access locations by adhering to a strict order set by the story.

The game people now consists of capsules that might be offered to raise energy levels and boost other stats. The graphics and also the audio have additionally improved. The game animations, environments, characters and story currently feel an ext dynamic and vibrant. Together a Dragon sphere Z fan, you feeling the Dragon sphere Z vibes much more from this video game as protest to the an initial game. There are fewer bugs in this game and also the enemy A.I. Has improved a lot.


Everything native the text box come the game menu has actually been reworked and also improved. The game developers yes, really listened come critics and fans and also made this video game a much much better version the the an initial Dragon sphere Z: The legacy of goku game.

Gameplay Length

The video game is far longer 보다 the an initial game. Now, you have about 25 hours+ the gameplay as opposed come the 5 hours of gameplay, the an initial game had. Currently you have much more side pursuits than the 2nd game. The next quests likewise contain a wider variety of things to do.

Dragon sphere Z: The tradition of goku II is a lovely update from the mediocre giving that the very first game was. A most things have been polished and also you will gain this game regardless the if you are a Dragon ball Z fan or not. The game also does a great job that showcasing familiar aspects from the game.

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The video game has improved in several facets Longer gameplay an ext playable personalities


Character advancement could be better Enemies aren’t as hard as they should be