DIARY the A WIMPY KIDCharacters by ChapterEDITOR:Christina Hale
GregoryHeffleyProtagonist. Diary owner. Aka: Greg.

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ChiragGuptaMean kid.
ChrisHoseySits in former of Greg.
LionelJamesSits behind Greg.
JasonBrillStudent who almost sat at Greg's right.
ShellyHot girl.
RonnieMcCoyFastest fifth grade runner.
BryceAndersonMost famous boy in Greg's existing grade.
CharlieDaviesGetting braces - which method less popularity.
RowleyJeffersonGreg's best friend.
DarrenWalshBoy that touched rotten cheese v his finger.
AbeHallStudent who acquired Cheese Touch in April and moved away.
RodrickHeffleyGreg's older brother.
MannyHeffleyGreg's younger brother.
FregleyGreg and Rowley's neighbor.
MartyPorterGuy likewise running for treasurer.
Mr.royVice Principal.
ShaneSnellaNeighborhood kid.
Mr. MitchellGreg's neighbor.
JeremyMr. Mitchell's son.
Dr.GarrisonGreg's neighbor.
Mr.UnderwoodPhysical education teacher.
PrestonMuddAthlete the the month.
BennyWellsStrong boy in PE class.
PattyFarrellGirl in location class.
Mr.IraGeography teacher.
Mrs.NortonMusical Director.
DorothyA character in the wizard of Oz play.
RodneyJamesThe shrub in ~ the sorcerer’s of Oz play.
TotoThe dog in the magician of Oz play.
ArchieKellyA college student who's part of the play.
CharlieGreg's uncle.
LydiaGreg's aunt.
RickyFisherIn Greg's Independent study class.
Mr. DarnellIndependent study teacher.
Mrs.LevineEnglish teacher.
BryanLittleSchool kid with weird Dawg comic.
SusanLimRachel's finest friend.
RachelThe girl Bryan kissed behind the lockers.
BarryPalmerOwes Bryan $5.
ChrisCarneyWon Antismoking dispute at school.
Creighton(the) CretinCharacter indigenous Greg's comic.
TabithaCutterWrote the Girls ascendancy comic.
Lisa RusselWrote the Girls preeminence comic.
GillTrittWrote the Dumb Teacher's comic.
Mr. HumphreyTeacher.
Mrs.IrvineA girlfriend of Rowley's mom.
CollinLeeRowley's friend.
BillWatsonGuy in Rodrick's Yearbook.
KathyNguyenA girl in Rodrick's Yearbook.
JennaStewartDresses prefer a pilgrim.

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