Derek Jones, the guitarist because that post-hardcore rock tape Falling in Reverse, has passed away at 35. The cause of fatality is currently unknown.

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Jones’ bandmate and also Falling in turning back vocalist Ronnie Radke announced Jones’ fatality via Instagram ~ above Tuesday, posting a collection of image in memoriam.

I’ll never forget as soon as you choose me up from jail In her old tourism van to begin falling in reverse. Your soul will it is in interwoven through the music I compose forever. Rest In tranquility Derek Jones. My love is broken.

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“I’ll never ever forget once you choose me up from jail in her old tour van to start Falling in Reverse,” Radke wrote. “Your soul will it is in interwoven v the music I create forever.”

Falling in reverse was created in 2008 by Jones and Radke, who remained in prison at the moment for violating probation. As soon as Radke was released in December 2010, the tape — consist of of Jones, Radke, Nick Rich, Gilbert Catalano and Anthony Avila — began recording their very first album, “The drug In Me Is You,” which came out in 2011.

Three an ext albums and several tourism followed between 2013 and 2017. The band’s latest single, “The drug In Me Is Reimagined,” was released in February. Prior to joining falling in Reverse, Jones was additionally a part of the band A smile From the Trenches.

Jones was engaged to Christina Cetta, who passed away of cancer in November 2019. Because of her death, falling in turning back canceled what would have been their many recent tour.

Current members of falling in Reverse incorporate Radke, bassist Tyler Burgess, command guitarist Max Georgiev and drummer Johnny Mele. Lock have also paid tribute to Jones via society media, share the affect he had actually on your lives.

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I’m heartbroken. You introduced me to steel bands I’ve never ever heard of. You always had a special food point out every city we were in saved in your phone. All the flights and also drives from vegas to LA. The shit talking on the bus. I’m gonna miss every one of it. I love friend Derek. ❤️

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“You introduced me to metal bands I’ve never ever heard of. You constantly had a distinct food point out every city us were in conserved in her phone,” citizen wrote ~ above Instagram. “I’m gonna miss every one of it.”

Derek, our hearts are broken and also blue. You are loved greatly, and took a item of us through you. You’ve do cowards out of guys who can’t gather the courage come say goodbye. It to be an honor and also a pleasure to roll v you in prior of hundreds of thousands. To bond over a mutually liked path the guitars and also rock & roll. Give thanks to you for your efforts and contributions to hefty metal. Your band, your friends, your family will cherish and also honor friend forever.

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“Our hearts room broken and blue,” fellow guitarist Georgiev said. “You room loved greatly, and took a piece of us v you.”