“When Academy award winner Robert Duvall and Hollywood lower upon Utopia, Texas, to make a movie, 7 Days in Utopia, no one can have guess what would happen. While the film doubters were spewing their wrath about the faith-based facets of the film and the unconventional ending, countless movie-goers were clamoring because that the answer come the question, “Did he do the putt?” The answer and much an ext was strategically revealed to the curious at didhemaketheputt.com.” — go He do the Putt?: The question That changed Eternity, back cover

Commentary:10 years ago this weekend the movie Seven days in Utopia was released in theaters across the country and world. What you might not recognize is that throughout the make of the movie the ending as created in the book and screenplay to be causing controversy on the movie set. At various times ns was told that the golfer would not usage the Face-On technique of putting, i was told the putt had to walk in, and also I to be told under no situations would there be a website at the end. The adversary was attempting to destroy the movie native within. However the true heroes the this movie to be the investors—the owners of the last product. They each had read the book and wanted that story as written to it is in told ~ above the big screen, particularly the ending. So, by the grace of God and also His contact to it is in uncompromising because that His purpose that would certainly unfold throughout these previous 10 years, i was maybe to organize the finishing as written since of the investors. Here is what happened. End 2 million human being have unable to do to the site: didhemaketheputt.com wherein the finishing is revealed together with an invite for a life-changing adventure with Jesus. 18,000 people to day sent their buried lies to us to physically ask in Utopia and also let us know that they overcome the line v Christ. The is an median of 1800 people entering eternity every year or 150 every month. If the putt had actually been made there would be 0. If the website at the end had to be blocked, there would be 0. God rescued the movie ending to rescue His sons and daughters.

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Along the way, an additional attack native the adversary came. Our distributor stole our movie together with 350 other movies and also declared bankruptcy. The movie went black color for around five years. Friend couldn’t discover it everywhere to stream. Again our investors obtained involved and legally wrangled the movie far from the distributor and also gifted it come our ministry. Due to the fact that then us have had actually an incredible revival in viewership. More people have seen the movie in the past two years 보다 in the ahead eight. Just God… He specialization in resurrections…

Celebrate oh my gosh goodness, faithfulness, creativity, protection, and also purpose through me this weekend. Walk to Amazon Prime and also re-visit the movie v your family and friends. And also for the unbelievable backstory that this journey, please acquire the publication I released critical year: Did He make The Putt: The concern That readjusted Eternity. That is obtainable at the attach below.

“He rescued me from my an effective enemy, from mine foes, that were too solid for me.”- Psalm 18:17 NIV


God is ~ above a rescue mission. His strategy is replete through a maze of detailed moments linked in addition to mystic wonder that will leave friend awestruck. When we expropriate the invitation to sign up with Him, our separation, personal, instance stories develop a tapestry of together beauty and awe the the hopeless begin to expect again, the weak end up being fearless, and also the by chance roar. Revelation is shouted transparent every backstory—the larger story God is writing. That is the means God beginning mankind.

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Join Dr. Chef as he share the awe-inspiring backstory of how this seemingly trivial question, “Did he make the putt,” came to be the centerpiece come a divine rescue mission in the little village of Utopia, Texas.