Janis Joplin to be a free-wheeling soul and the an initial true mrs rockstar. Despite fame came through its fair share the trials and also tribulations. Debilitating medicine addictions and alcohol abuse seesawed with landmark performances at Monterey and also Woodstock, being hailed together the finest singer of her time. ~ above what would certainly be she 77th birthday, here are 5 amazing things you may not know around Janis Joplin.

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During she grievously short-lived four year career, Janis became the first ever woman rockstar in a very exclusive boys club, and suffered appalling sexism from musicians, critics, and also industry pros as a result. Robert Christgau’s evaluation of she breakthrough worldwide Monterey pop Festival collection describes, “her left nipple erect under she knit pantsuit spring hard enough to placed out your eye.” nonetheless she stood by her freewheeling ways and became an icon of flexibility for young females in the ’60s.

Janis: she Life and also Music, a recent biography indigenous Holly George-Warren, was probably the best biography of 2019 and retold an emphatic and sobering account the the life that Janis Joplin.


In testimony to the woman behind the myth, here are 5 amazing things you didn’t know about the incredible blues woman, Janis Joplin.

5. Janis drank so lot Southern lull Whiskey they provided her a hair coat

It’s no secret that Janis to be a bit of a wild child. She had actually such one affinity for southern Comfort whiskey the she was generally photographed with a bottle in she hand or nearby on stage. So lot so in truth that the distillery sent her a complimentary fur coat together a thankyou because that the publicity.

Even famous alcoholic, and Janis’s idol, big Mama Thornton as soon as told her to take it straightforward on the whiskey prior to a present so the her, “liver don’t go.”


4. She was bisexual

Janis Joplin to be bisexual throughout her life and also maintained various extended relations v women and also men. As result of the times but she refrained indigenous coming out publicly about her sex-related preferences. Even countless of she friends remember her as being overtly straight.

Her key female connection was with other hippie, and also heroin addict, Peggy Caserta. Janis and Caserta occurred an intense loving relationship that to be on and also off because that a couple of years but it ultimately ended up being a detriment. Caserta to be a frequently bad influence ~ above Joplin convincing she to return to heroin on countless occasions after she had kicked the habit and also was make the efforts to remain clean.

Another one of her irreversible relationships was with Jae Whitaker. This was her an initial bisexual and interracial relationship, which to be a far cry from her conservative upbringing in port Arthur, Texas. Only two months after lock met in the feather of 1963, Joplin moved in with her. This was “her many sustained relationship,” also though it just lasted for two years. The two continued to be close friends until Joplin’s fatality on October fourth 1970.

3. Janis’s psychedelic Porsche sold for $1.76m

Janis Joplin’s psychedelic Porsche 365 is one iconic item of hippie history. In 2015, the auto Joplin bought in 1968 broke records once it offered at auction because that $1.76 million. She was known to race it follow me the Pacific shore Highway after hours while producing Kozmic Blues with The Doors producer Paul Rothchild.

Typically, celebrity property doesn’t boost a car’s value by much. However this to be an exception, and also it to be the highest price ever before paid because that a Porsche 356 in ~ auction.

“Like many people and also their automobile of choice, her Porsche is a direct link to Janis,” stated her brother, Michael Joplin. “She journey it everywhere … through the height down and also her feathers flying. Her music, life and car room a component of rock n’ roll history.”


2. She love to acquire naked

When photographer Bob Seidemann request Joplin if she’d posture topless for him to do a statement about the idealism of hippie culture, she said she would quite pose fully naked. The picture was released in 1972, 2 years after Joplin’s death. Furthermore, during a shooting for big Brother and also the hold Company’s Cheap Thrills album sheathe Janis walked right into a room through her band of 4 males naked on a bed. She excitedly ‘whooped’ and said “Let’s trash it boys!” before throwing off she clothes and also climbing in.

Joplin wasn’t shy around showing off she body to she audiences either. According to a concert promoter at Pittsburgh’s public Arena, Joplin to be late come the stage due to the fact that she had actually been having sex in her dressing room. As soon as she showed up under the phase lights in a slim skirt, it to be clear she was not wearing underwear.

1. She once damaged a bottle over Jim Morrison’s head

Janis once had a quick fling v Jim Morrison wherein a weekend of shows at the Fillmore led to the Dionysian rockstar leave his girlfriend for Janis Joplin’s boudoir. However, she was quickly disdained v his unresponsiveness in bed and habit because that slugging down booze the minute he woke up.

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Janis had another run-in with “handsome man” Jim Morrison one evening at Steve Paul’s The Scene, one insiders absent n’ role club in brand-new York wherein musicians jammed ~ hours. Jimi Hendrix to be a regular, typically playing until dawn. About 3 to be one night Janis watched Hendrix onstage through the Chambers Brothers and also Morrison drunkenly stumbled in. According to Danny Fields, then the Doors’ publicist, “Jim bellied his method up come the low stage, threw his arms around Jimi;’s thighs , and said ‘I desire to suck your cock."”

No stranger to violent brawls in Louisiana roadhouses, “Janis ran over to the phase yelling, ‘You asshole!’ She banged a bottle down on Jim’s head. The 3 of them to be on the floor in a ball, like little fish. Your handlers come running up and also pried castle apart and also took them home.” 

Jim was in love, together he adored violence and also purportedly pressured Paul Rothchild to provide him Joplin’s number yet he declined.