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The human eye is maybe the many evolved and also relied-upon component of the body. Native the minute you wake up up, you use your eyesight to achieve most, if no all, the your everyday tasks.

Some parts of the eye room widely understood. These encompass the iris, pupil, lens and cornea. Other functions of the eye, however, are unknown. Together a result, caring because that these lesser-known eye parts may prove difficult, particularly if you don’t recognize where come start.

The vitreous humor and also aqueous humor possibly serve the finest example that this. When they space important, couple of people know these parts of the eye.

The aqueous humor is a clear liquid located in ~ the front part of the eye. Since the eye no contain blood vessels, the aqueous humor is responsible for giving nutrients to the eye. The aqueous humor also drains out any type of excess material and waste native the eye.

The vitreous fluid, or vitreous humor, is a colorless, transparent, gel-like material. Vitreous humor is located between the retina and also the lens. It is greatly composed of water with added levels the protein, salt (electrolytes), street (glycosaminoglycan) and collagen.


Frequently request Questions

What walk the aqueous humor do?

A clear liquid at the frontal component of the eye, the aqueous humor offers nutrients to parts of the eye that carry out not have actually blood supply. The clean aqueous humor likewise drains out at one equal rate to remove waste. It renders sure her eye is the best shape and also maintains the ideal amount of pressure in the eye at all times. 

Why is the vitreous humor important?

This clear liquid is located in between the front part of the eye and the retina. That does not end up being replenished if some is lost. It dram a an ext important function in the early years the life, providing structure to the eye and protecting the retina.

Anything that gets stuck in the vitreous humor must be removed using surgical procedures.

What room some ways the aqueous humor and vitreous humor can be damaged?

The aqueous feeling is constantly drained and also replenished, yet problems with the mechanism that enables the aqueous feeling to circulation properly can increase intraocular pressure. Raised pressure in the eye can damages your optic nerve and also lead to vision loss.

Glaucoma is often connected with inequalities in the aqueous humor. It means that her eye is either creating excess fluid or that your aqueous feeling is not appropriately able to drainpipe itself through the trabecular network.

The vitreous humor regularly becomes stringy together you obtain older. This may cause tiny parts come detach and float about your eye. Those who are age 50 or larger may likewise suffer from retinal detachment or macular holes. These need to be corrected using surgery.


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