What is the difference between a stereotype microscope and also a organic microscope? and why would certainly you choose to acquisition astereo microscope instead of a biological microscope? Let\"s take it a look in ~ the differences between the two species of microscopes.


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Take a look in ~ the biological microscope shown over and an alert these features:

The just light ~ above a biological microscope comes from beneath the stage. The magnification of a biological microscope is much higher than that of a stereo microscope. Magnification is readjusted by revolving the nose piece so a new objective lens (either 4x, 10x, 40x or 100x) is in place.


The stereo microscopic lense shown over has several features that space not obtainable on a organic microscope:

lot of of working area for bigger objects such together rocks, flowers, big insects, metal parts, etc. The light come both from above and in ~ the stage. If you wanted to look in ~ a solid thing (such as a coin) you could light the object from above. The knob ~ above the next of the head that the microscope enables zoom magnification - you deserve to see every magnification between 7x - 46x, which way you have the right to see 7x, 8x, 9x, etc.

In conclusion, relying on what kind of sample you have to view will identify whether a stereo microscopic lense or a organic microscope is much better for her needs. Listed below is a chart v some specimens and also the microscope ideal suited to watch those items.

Biological Microscope Stereo microscope
Blood cells Flowers
Bacteria Rocks
Protozoans Coins
Pond Water Printed Circuit boards
Prepared Slides Industrial steel parts
Skin cells Fabric weave
Dust particles Insects

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