Tires top top a motorcycle space a crucial part that it’s function. It’s likewise a substantial safety component for the rider because the tires separate the driver from the road. That’s why any kind of alterations to motorcycle tires need to be serious considered prior to executing.

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A typical question motorcyclists have actually is whether or not it’s feasible to usage a behind motorcycle tires on the front. Whether it be since of looks, budget, or they’re just plain curious, it’s a concerns that need to be interpreted for the future recommendation of any kind of motorcyclist.

Can I usage a rear motorcycle tire on the front? it is feasible to use a behind motorcycle tires on the front if the tire does not specify it is exclusively for rear use only and also it is the precise same dimension the manufacturer states is necessary for the front. A rear motorcycle tire should not be provided on the former if it says “rear usage only,” even if it is close to the best size the prior needs.

Motorcycle tires room something that shouldn’t it is in switched approximately or changed on a whim. This write-up can aid explain in more depth around when it’s it s okay to usage a rear tire top top the front and when it becomes a safety hazard.

Using A behind Tire on The Front

There is a difference in between the front and rear tire of a motorcycle and each that them serves a separate function. Putting on the wrong dimension of tires could mean less regulate on the rider’s part.

Most tires will certainly specify i beg your pardon wheel it need to be mounted on the bike. Together specifications will certainly say something like “rear use only” or “front usage only” and indications favor this must never it is in ignored. You should never put a “rear use only” tires on the prior of the motorcycle.

With the being said, there are a few situations where it is possible to placed a rear tire on the prior of a motorcycle. There space some tires out there that are much more commonly supplied as the behind tire, however it does not specify that it must be supplied as such. With no specification indicated, it’s possible to use that tires on the front of the motorcycle as lengthy as the is the same precise size the manufacturer states the former of the motorcycle needs.

For example, let’s to speak you have a Honda CB750 that has actually a 20″ rear rim and a 21″ former rim. That rear tire top top the CB750 could fit ~ above the front of a CB550 due to the fact that it has a 20″ former rim, it’s the right specs and size, and the manufacturer didn’t state the was especially for the behind tire. This might be much more economic because that the rider since it can be a cheaper option.

There are all sorts of various tire sizes out there. You commonly shop tires by either the front or rear due to the fact that rear tires are usually lot fatter. That’s why behind tires generally don’t right on the front at all. Yet if you happen to have a motorcycle that calls for a fat prior tire as well, it might be feasible to use the behind tire top top the front if the dimension is right and also doesn’t clues it’s for rear usage only.

Though it’s rare, there are a few motorcycles out there that contact for the very same size the tires because that both the front and also the rear. Again, as lengthy as the tires you are using execute not specify which side of the motorcycle it requirements to be on, this tires have the right to be interchangeable.

Why You should Abide by “Rear usage Only”

As I had actually mentioned before, tires are really important part to a motorcycle no only due to the fact that it provides a means for the motorcycle to pull forward, however it’s also a security measure for the rider. Transforming up the tires versus the manufacturer referral is a dangerous move.

There is a difference in between the use of the front and rear tires of a motorcycle (which we will acquire into later). Despite they have similarities in what they execute for the motorcycle, the means they’re created and engineered individually makes it possible for a motorcycle driver to have actually the finest control feasible while riding.

Manufacturers don’t specify “rear use only” to annoy us motorcyclists. They have actually that specification for a reason and also should be abided by all riders. The engineers behind these tires know and also understand the mechanics and physics the go behind the tires the a motorcycle. castle don’t desire to be hosted liable for feasible injuries in i m sorry they understand is a possibility if they don’t placed that label on there.

If a tires does not say whether or no it’s particular for use in the former or the rear of a motorcycle, it’s most likely done on function from the manufacturer. This is when it’s for sure to put what’s usually designated together a behind tire in the prior as lengthy as it’s the exactly size.

The Difference in between Front and also Rear Tires and Why it Matters

You may have noticed there is a distinction in looks in between a front and rear tires of a motorcycle. Once you’re thinking about using the rear tire for the front, it’s vital you know what the functionality of each tire serves so you have a better understanding the what you’re doing.

The front tires of a motorcycle is commonly bigger, definition it has a bigger diameter compared to the rear tire. They’re typically a little skinnier together well. The former tire’s main duty is to take the initial influence of any bumps or holes in the roadway and likewise aides in the steering mechanism. The dimension of it to be engineered to provide the motorcycle better stability.

The behind tire that a motorcycle is usually smaller contrasted to the front tire and is likewise usually wider. The main function of this tire is to carry out traction and power for the motorcycle because the engine is connected to it through the chain and also sprockets. The wideness that the tire method there’s more surface area touching the road.

With the pressures of these two tires working together, it creates a safe and efficient means to travel on a motorcycle. And also this is why it’s danger to usage a back tire on the front once it mentions it’s just for the back. The large and smaller dimension won’t have the ability to take as great of an affect and may make steering a littler harder. watch my other short article here to learn much more about the differences between a front and also rear motorcycle tire.

Can I use A Leftover rear Tire as A Spare for The Front?

So let’s to speak you have an extra tire expected to be supplied on the rear of the motorcycle. But something wake up to the prior tire and also you don’t have actually the money to replace it so girlfriend wonder if you can temporarily usage this spare ago tire on the front till you have the cash to gain the right kind of tire.

So in other words, have the right to you usage a leftover behind tire together a spare because that the front tire? This all counts on the spare that you have. Again, you can only usage it ~ above the prior if it specifically does not show it is because that “rear use only” and also it is the precise size the manufacturer claims is necessary on the front.

Any various other specs outside of that must not be offered as a preventive on a motorcycle. Even if the size is “so close” or “almost the exact same size.” You must put nothing yet exactly what the manufacturer recommends on your motorcycle tire rims.

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But what harm can come from making use of the wrong size of tire on the front simply for a few days? Well, friend may obtain lucky and also not have any type of harm done at all. But you have to remember the all it takes is a few seconds of dire situations for an accident to happen on the motorcycle which is miscellaneous that have the right to be caused by the wrong size of tire.

If girlfriend don’t have actually the cash come buy the ideal size of tire your motorcycle needs, simply don’t ride her motorcycle till the best tire can be installed.