What is the difference between moist and dry heat?

Moist and dry warmth are the most typical superficial warm therapy treatments. However, moist warm is an ext effective than dry warmth in providing deeper penetration of the tissue at the exact same temperatures. Moist heat also has added capacity to change the tissue temperature rapidly and also obtain much more vigorous response from temperature receptors. Patients regularly report better relief of symptoms from moist heat. Moist heat deserve to speed recovery by raising blood circulation to the target area. This boosted circulation brings in fresh blood and also takes away the wastes which may slow healing. Our Thera-Temp® Microwaveable Moist warm Wraps produce moist heat by illustration moisture native humidity in the air and also retaining the in therapeutic beads.

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How perform dry and also moist warmth compare?

Comparison shows that moist heat has actually many benefits over dry heat:

Moist warmth is an ext effective 보다 dry warm in deeper tissue heating Moist warm penetrates an ext than dry heat at the very same temperature Moist warm has additional capacity to readjust the organization temperature rapidly and obtain much more vigorous solution from temperature receptor Patients often report greater relief of symptoms from moist warm Moist heat is preferred over dry warm as a treatment or ingredient of the treatment for the complying with conditions: pain, stiffness and an additional muscle spasm in chronic arthritis , acute temporomandibular share closed lock problem , and pain and also muscle spasm ~ above posterior neck and back in patients through ankylosing spondolytis

When must I use heat therapy?

Heat or Moist warm Therapy need to be used for chronic problems such as muscle discomfort or stiffness. Because that example, for some people, nothing soothes their earlier pain prefer a hot pack. In a 2002 study published in the medical journal Spine, investigators in ~ the college of Medicine and Dentistry of brand-new Jersey concluded that the continuous application the low-level warm wrap therapy eased low back pain far better than two common over-the-counter painkillers. Warm therapy can additionally be used before exercise to boost the adaptability of joints and also to rise blood flow. (Note: You have to not use warm therapy ~ exercise. Instead, usage cold therapy.) due to the fact that heat therapy boosts circulation and also increases the skin temperature, it must not be supplied when over there is any swelling or inflammation.

How need to I use warmth therapy?

The best method to apply moist warm or warmth is to alternative twenty minute of warm therapy v a twenty minute break. Repeat this procedure for 3 to 4 times daily until stiffness and soreness decreases. The is necessary when using heat therapeutically to constantly have enough obstacle between the skin surface and the warm pack to protect the skin.

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What precautions need to I take once using warmth therapy?

many therapists and doctors advise no to use heat right after ~ an injury, together this will have the opposite effect of ice. Warm increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. It"s good for easing chop muscles, however will only rise the pain and also swelling of an injury. Warmth therapy must not be provided on world who have circulatory problems, who are unconscious, who cannot feeling or answer to heat (e.g. In paralysis). Take treatment not to burn or damage the skin. Usage extra caution if you space diabetic. Ar a soft bath towel or cloth in between the heater pack and the skin. Take care when utilizing a heat pack if you are taking medications that do you sleepy or if the area being treated is numb. Limit the heat therapy at first to ten or fifteen minute at a time. Try ten minute every one to 2 hours. Wait at the very least twenty-four hrs before applying heat to skin that has been bruised, cut or provided for an injection or subjected to any kind of "invasive" procedure. (NOTE: Heat deserve to increase bleeding.) Important: If the area is inflamed or sore from overuse, use cold therapy, NOT heat therapy!

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