If you room researching about the Razor E300 / E325, or any type of of the various other Razor electrical scooters for a purchase, you’ve involved the best place. Stop searching and also begin reading, together this will be her last stop before deciding if this scooter is because that you. You will learn every little thing you need to known, from it’s features to what various other customers space saying about it.

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If girlfriend don’t have sufficient time to check out through this article, you have the right to directly examine the Razor E300 in Amazon.com.

What is the Razor E300 / E325?


The Razor E325 is additionally the same electric scooter as the E300. There room no differences, and also the Razor official Support team has mentioned this come me and several other people through its assistance ticket system: “They are the very same scooter, with just different code surname for various resellers”.

Some websites claim that the E300 and also E325 have some slight differences. This could be true if you execute a thorough comparison, yet you need to keep in mind the these differences can arise due to the fact that they room comparing scooters v a huge gap in fabrication dates. The E300 collection has been the end in the market for rather some time now, and there might be enlarge versions that have actually been slightly upgraded together time goes by. But this is an improvement in the model itself, and also NOT together a certain feature because that only among these models.

Again, as declared by Razor themselves, the E300 and E325 space the very same scooter, with just various code surname for different resellers.

Who deserve to ride the Razor E300?

As mentioned by the manufacturer itself, this electric scooter is targeted for teenagers (13 years old and up) and adults. It has actually a recommended rider weight limit of 220 lbs (100 Kg.).


Be sure to follow and also read all the accuse in the main owner’s hand-operated before starting the assembly. It has very details details on exactly how to execute the process. We space not going right into those details here, as there is no allude in duplicating that info. Yet be sure to follow their instructions to save your product safe.

Another essential thing to mention is that the scooter will call for an initial charge of at the very least 12 hours. Don’t walk with any less on the early stage charge. Review the matching manual page about battery and charging also, as it has valuable information about how to take care of the batteries.

There has actually been part user complain of battery problems in some customer reviews online. However if you take the moment to read them thoroughly some of them performed actions the contradict what the manual says about the charging procedure. Please, pat close attention to the hands-on instructions. This is important to store your batteries in optimal condition.

What room the Razor E300 features and also specs?


These room the specs in a table an overview format:

Razor E300 family members Specs
Maximum rider weight220 lbs (100 Kg)
Age13 years old and above
Product Weight46 lbs because that the E300, 52 lbs for the E300S (21 Kg. And 23.5 Kg. Respectively)
Assembled Product Dimensions41″ x 17″ x 42″ (104 x 43 x 106.6 cm.)
Power24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. Battery charger included.
Maximum speed15 Mph (24 Km/h)
Up come 40 minutes of consistent use through a solitary charge
Super sized steel frame, deck and fork
High-torque, chain-driven motor
Twist-grip acceleration control
Hand operated behind brake
Wide pneumatic tires
Retractable kick stand

What current owners say about the Razor E300?

In our evaluation we favor to research study what existing owners have to say around the products we review. This will save you numerous hours of skimming and also going v this yourself, and we administer a review of it. Of course you deserve to fact inspect us, as we point out our resources here. Permit us understand if you discover anything that can need to it is in updated.

In this case, us researched the customer reviews and also ratings top top Amazon for the E300 and the E300S. We added those up together for this summary, as the products are practically the same and the basic comments and also reviews were very much alike.

By the moment of this writing, the assets had a full of 1174 client reviews. 80% the the reviews came from yes, really happy and satisfied client who offered a rating the 4 or 5 stars. The continuing to be 20% of the reviews space customers giving the products between 1 and also 3 stars.


via razor dot com

What is our verdict on the Razor E300?

We usually favor to basic our decision on our own research of existing owners experiences. This is a personal opinion though, and of course you can disagree or have your own technique for deciding.

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From ours perspective, this is a an excellent scooter, with most of the customers really happy and also satisfied. And even because that the couple of bad reviews, several of them can be ruled the end in our opinion, since they poorly maintained and treat the scooter, or just since they didn’t followed the appropriate procedure with the battery charging.

This is a acquisition for united state for sure!

If you very own this product, please let united state know exactly how it’s coming along for you. We are always looking for direct call with any user that the commodities we review. Contact us and let us recognize your experience!