Differences between Remington 700 ADL and BDL

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For those the you beginning gun and also rifle enthusiast that desire come ask questions without exposing your ignorance, this short article is because that you! sometimes it is in asking questions that the greatest learning takes place. This applies to every one of life by the way.

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The Remington 700 collection has a long history, over five decades. So that is the numbers and the addendums that market the differences. The is prefer a model within the same household types. Comparable to vehicles! The “ADL” means “Average Deluxe” and the “BDL” stands for “Better Deluxe”. For the record the “CDL” stands for “Classic Deluxe”, although we will not talk about the “CDL” here.

The Remington 700 ADL was discontinued in 2005. It features a “blind magazine” instead of a “hinged” magazine. BDL models have actually a baseplate and ADL models execute not. BDL models have actually a fore-end cap the acts as a re-coil buffer. ADL design does not have this. The BDL model has a hood over its front site protecting that from the elements; the ADL design does not have this. The BDL model is a bit fancier ~ above the stock, i beg your pardon is actually a more rigid stock.

Blind verses Hinged Magazine

So probably the next question is what is a blind magazine verses a hinged magazine. A remote magazine method basically that the ammunition comes the end the same means that they go in. That is invited from the top and can be unloaded by working the bolt open and closed. The hinged magazine allows you to unload the ammunition native the bottom by a hinged door simply past the trigger. Maintaining this clean and totally free of dust on the BDL design is great to avoiding the hinge from sticking or working improperly. Is one style far better or worse than the other? It all gets down to personal preference and can ns still to buy one or the other. The truth is if a hunter own both, one of two people one can create the adventure the they are searching for on a good hunting expedition.


 The BDL design is a very glossed walnut lumber stock v what is known as a Monte Carlo comb. The ADL model has actually a fabricated or occasionally laminate stock. The difference between these two as much as load is pertained to is marginal and also is no a consideration. However, the timber stock that the BDL version does boost the rigidity over the ADL Model. As much as accuracy is concerned, both are nearly equally accurate. The reality is the the distinctions are no as crucial on the stock as one may think. However, the will acquire down come your personal choice on i m sorry rifle friend prefer. Ago when the ADL to be manufactured, it to be the cheaper, much less expensive that the two Models. However, that was over 12 year ago. Obtaining the model ADL will be from a second hand owner.

Converting native ADL to BDL

In my research study on these two models, there was some conversation on whether or not these can be converted from version ADL to version BDL. The price is “yes”! However, one might want come ask oneself why would certainly you want to execute that? If the model ADL was discontinued, climate converting it would take away from that is originality, mass created notwithstanding! The other could be cost. Converting from version ADL to model BDL could be less expensive than buying a used design ADL. The just last reason I can think of would certainly be simply because you can. However, the is mainly a matter of changing out the stock, through the hinged magazine in the brand-new Model BDL stock. Rather of do the efforts to explain it right here in this article, i have provided a YouTube link that reflects in detail how to carry out this. Simply click here:

It would certainly be fine worth your time to clock this 14 minute video. Not just does it show you just how to perform it, however it will certainly clarify several of the differences between the design ADL and BDL.

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We trust that you delighted in this very brief conversation on the differences in between these 2 models. Either model will offer you a good day at the selection or ~ above the hunt.