The main difference between stem tuber and root tuber is the the stem tuber is a puffy stem whereas the root tuber is a puffy root. For example, potatoes space stem tubers if dahlias are source tubers. 

Stem tuber and root tuber are two species of tubers puffy by save water and nutrients. Tubers, when contrasted to the other geophytes such together bulbs, corms or rhizomes, carry out not produce an offset but, thrive in size in every year. 

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1. What is a Stem Tuber Definition, Facts, Examples 2. What is a source Tuber Definition, Facts, Examples 3. What space the Similarities in between Stem Tuber and also Root Tuber Outline of typical Features 4. What is the Difference in between Stem Tuber and Root TuberComparison of key Differences

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What is a Stem Tuber 

Stem tuber is a swollen stem the stores water and nutrients. These nutrients and also water are provided in unfavorable conditions such as drought or winter months. Stem tubers generally form near the surface of the soil. They have actually several nodes dubbed eyes that construct into new plants. Also, stem tubers create chlorophyll once exposed to sunlight.

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Figure 1: Potatoes

What is a Root Tuber 

Root tubers room the swollen roots due to the warehouse of water and nutrients. They are additionally called root crops. Root tubers carry out the general functions of roots such as the absorption of water and minerals and also anchoring the plant human body to the soil. Some examples of root tubers room beet, carrot, parsnip, and also dahlias. 


Figure 2: Carrots

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Carrot has actually an enlarged taproot. Part root tubers are formed from adventitious roots. 

Similarities between Stem Tuber and also Root Tuber 

Stem tuber and also root tuber are two species of geophytes. Both space underground swollen structures of plants. They store water and also nutrients. They anchor tree bodies to the soil. 

Difference between Stem Tuber and Root Tuber 


Stem tuber describes a brief fleshy normally underground stem bearing minute scale leaves, each of which bear a bud in that axil and also is perhaps able to produce a new plant while source tubers to express to a tuberous root or warehouse root, i m sorry is a modified lateral root, enlarged to function as a storage organ. 

Type the Tuber 

Stem tuber is a puffy stem while source tuber is a puffy root. 


Stem tuber deserve to store much more starch while root tuber have the right to store comparatively fewer quantities of starch. 

Carbohydrate Composition 

Stem tuber mostly store complicated carbohydrates such as starch while root tubers store basic carbohydrates such as glucose. 

Number that Tubers 

Several stem tubers take place per tree while only a single tuber occurs per a plant. 

Apical Bud 

Stem tubers possess an apical bud in ~ the tip while source tubers execute not own an apical bud. 

Development the Chlorophyll 

Stem tubers develop chlorophyll top top exposure to sunlight while source tubers may not construct chlorophyll. 

Scaly leaves and Auxiliary Buds 

Stem tubers possess scaly leaves and also auxiliary buds while root tubers execute not own scaly leaves and auxiliary buds. 


Stem tubers carry out not have roots while root tubers have actually some well roots. 

Generating new Plants 

Each component of the stem tuber can flourish into a brand-new plant as soon as the tuber is reduced into components while the parts of a source tuber cannot construct into brand-new plants.


Potatoes are stem tubers while beet, carrot, parsnip, and dahlias room root tubers. 


Stem tubers room the swollen trunk while source tubers room swollen roots. Stem tubers possess numerous eyes, which develop into brand-new plants. The key difference in between stem tuber and root tuber is the plant component which undergoes swelling. 


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