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straight characterization is a literature device. A literary maker is a layout or structure offered by writer to add an ext meaning, description, or uniqueness to the typical words the are used in writing.

Direct characterization consists of describing a personality both inside and out. This gives the leader a clear...

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Direct characterization is a literature device. A literary an equipment is a style or structure provided by writer to add an ext meaning, description, or uniqueness come the common words the are used in writing.

Direct characterization consists of describing a character both inside and also out. This gives the leader a clear photo of what the character looks like, and also sometimes that could provide us with information about the character"s personality traits. Straight characterization deserve to come native the narrator or from one more character who defines themselves or other characters outright—or "directly."

In Steinbeck"s Of Mice and Men, we find direct characterization as early as chapter 1 once the narrator explains the two main characters. In this particular novel, straight characterization offer several functions aside from portraying the characters. The an initial is to accentuate just how physically different and also contrasting these two characters are indigenous one another. The 2nd is to show how their physical traits space dissonant v their personalities.

For example, the men are described in the adhering to way:

Both to be dressed in denim trousers and also in denim coats v brass buttons. Both wore black, shapeless hats and both lugged tight ceiling rolls slung over your shoulders.

George is defined with special emphasis on his small size and solid hands:

The very first man was tiny and quick, dark of face, v restless eyes and sharp, solid features. Every component of him was defined: small, strong hands, slim arms, a thin and bony nose.

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The writer then moves on to Lennie, that is described as George"s "opposite:"

Behind the walked his opposite, a huge man, shapeless the face, through large, pale eyes, and wide, sloping shoulders; and also he walked heavily, dragging his feet a small . . . His arms did no swing in ~ his sides, but hung loosely.

We can instantly tell the the narrator desires to emphasize the "sloping," "loose" way that this "huge" man"s limbs hang in comparison to George"s "small however strong" arms. There, we can tell that dimension does not issue when it pertains to who is the leading male in this relationship. All this is feasible thanks to straight characterization.