The the next beaches come Disney civilization / Orlando / Kissimmee room not that much away. So throughout your vacation you may want a rest from the design template parks, among the best day trips you have the right to do is come head come the beaches (of course that is just if you have a car). That’s due to the fact that Florida has actually some the the ideal white sand beaches around. From Orlando and also WDW, both the west coast and also east shore beaches space within driving distance and each has actually it’s perks.

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On the eastern side you have ocean beaches which space on the Atlantic Ocean and ~ above the West side you have beaches on the Gulf that Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico has actually warmer waters, whiter beaches and also calmer waters. The Atlantic s beaches have cooler waters, darker colored sand, much more waves and are generally thirty minutes to one hour closer than the gulf beaches.

If you have actually never viewed the ocean before, than Florida’s s beaches may be the right location to experience it. Here we’ve detailed some of the closestly beaches come Disney.

Distance to Cocoa Beach: 71 miles (114 km

Travel Time: 70 minutes

Cocoa beach is around an hour’s journey away and the closest beach to Walt Disney civilization Florida. The coast is twelve miles long and has tasks like swimming, shopping, fishing and also air boat rides. Google Maps directions From Villa by The lock To Cocoa beach


Cocoa beach – The room Coast

Not only are the Cocoa beach beaches among the the next beaches come Disney, it’s additionally right alongside Cape Canaveral. Cocoa beach is a fantastic place to clock the space shuttle from Cape Canaveral being launched. See a spaceship launch is wonderful experience because that both young and old alike.

If the interests you, walk to this website for a schedule that the rocket launches.

Something in the area that’s fun for the youngsters (and adults) is the Kennedy room Center. It’s a great day pilgrimage with all kinds of points to do and also learn.

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Distance to Daytona Beach: 77 mile (123 km)

Travel Time: 80 minutes

This is one of the most popular beaches ~ above Florida’s east coast. You can try surfing, fishing, sail boarding, water skiing, swim and also drive top top the beach!

You might want to remain away native Daytona coast if her vacation is in February due to the fact that of the Daytona 500. It’s a really popular event in the area and Daytona beach gets yes, really crowded during that time that year. Google Maps directions From Villa through The castle To Daytona beach


Distance to Clearwater Beach: 88 mile (141 km)

Travel Time: 90 minutes

Clearwater coast is around 90 minutes journey away and also the closest gulf coast beach come Walt Disney human being Florida. Clearwater beach is a great beach to take the smaller kids to because of it’s calmer waters.

The beaches discovered on the Atlantic coastline tend come have much more waves. Google Maps direction From Villa by The lock To Clearwater beach


Clearwater beach Restaurants

One that our favorite restaurants in Clearwater is Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill. It’s located right in front of the beach and also has a an excellent relaxed beach atmosphere.