Owls have been in the spotlight recently, from the DC snowy owl come the Colbert Report. They space incredible and also elusive creatures. Here are some ways you have the right to experience and also learn around owls first-hand this winter.

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Barn owl photographed in Utah by National Wildlife Photo contest entrant Jay Warburton.

Go on an owl walk, or “owling.”

Winter is in reality a great time to search for owls (as long as that not also cold). Many trees room without leaves, which renders it simpler to view an owl’s silhouette. Dawn and dusk are good times to go, since there is a little bit of light and the owls are much more active (depending ~ above the species and location).


Elaine Turner, a National Wildlife Photo dispute entrant, witnessed this great horned owl in ~ sunset in her front yard.

Learn typical owl calls.

Even if girlfriend can’t see an owl, possibilities are you’ll hear them. Try to learn the various calls of north American owls and match them to the ones girlfriend hear.

Build one owl nesting box.

Welcome owls to your backyard through a nest box. Countless owl species need to uncover a an ideal nesting cavity in order to endure in one area. To make the nesting box much safer and an ext suitable for owls, consider the adhering to (adapted from ours owl activity guide).

Wood is the ideal building material. Stop using metal as it gets too hot when exposed come the sun.Pay one-of-a-kind attention to the dimension & height of the entrance hole, drainage for the bottom that the box, and also ventilation.Place the box where over there is no hazard of cat or various other predators, and consider a tin guard because that extra protection.Don’t annoy the colony while the birds space in it.Clean it out annually, as soon as the birds space no longer occupying the box.Provide a great of nesting material (wood shavings, because that example).Make certain the box is at least 10 feet turn off the soil — 15-30 feet is ideal.Attach package to a tree, structure or post.

National Wildlife Photo challenge entrant, Paul Bennett, put up a screech owl colony box on a jaw tree just exterior his toilet window. These space a couple of of the visitors.

Visit a local nature or wildlife rehabilitation center.

Many wildlife rehabilitation centers have actually educational birds that were rescued, but wouldn’t survive in the wild. Resident educational birds are a fantastic way to endure owls up-close. Ns met Hazel in ~ the Audubon Wildlife care Center in Portland. I was also lucky enough to clock Julio (a female good horned owl) hoot! Nature centers often offer guided owl hikes or comparable programs, browse several of your local nature sites to find out more.


Hazel is a north spotted owl the was discovered on the ground, starving in Oregon in 2004. She never ever regained the ability to fly and also now serves together an education bird. Photo by Dani Tinker.

Read a book or watch a movie.

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The snowy owl buzz has actually thrown Hedwig into the spotlight for Harry Potter fans, yet there are other owl characters to enjoy. Who can forget Owl from Winnie the Pooh? and also the movie Legend that the Guardians: The Owls the Ga’Hoole is a filled with owls. Gain books and also movies about owls when it’s cold and you’d fairly curl increase indoors.