The class of 2021T recites the Oath of a Pharmacist after ~ receiving their white coats throughout the White coat Ceremony. 

“I promise to dedicate myself to a life time of service to others v the profession of” v those words, the 96 college student of the institution of’s newest medical professional of (PharmD) course took the Oath that a Pharmacist and also inherited the obligations of your profession.

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During the White coat Ceremony, held Friday, September 7, 2018, ~ above the Parnassus campus, members the the class of 2021T donned white coats (a price of the wellness professions), rotate to challenge an audience that family and also friends, peers and mentors, and swore to uphold the criter of your profession.

The oath serves together an moral compass for pharmacologists over the course of your careers, helping them navigate expert quandaries as patient care providers and crucial thinkers.

“You come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, every one of which have actually resulted in a enthusiasm for serving others,” institution of Dean B. Joseph Guglielmo, PharmD, reminded the students. “And while scientific research will underpin each day of your education and careers, it"s this desire to offer others that will ensure her success together tomorrow’s outstanding clinicians, scientists, academicians, and also world leaders.”

A overview for’s toughest problems

For this cohort of future pharmacists, the oath has currently been vital part of your instruction. Lisa Kroon, PharmD, chair the the department of Clinical, who led the students v the oath, also taught a course last month on what the oath way for them as professionals.


Developed by the American pharmacologists Association over twenty years ago, “the Oath of a Pharmacist draws impetus from the Oath of Maimonides,” Kroon said the students. “The Oath that Maimonides, called after the 12th century Jewish physician, philosopher, and teacher, developed some of the earliest values for clinicians, consisting of caring because that patients and dedication come a life time of learning. The Oath that a Pharmacist also emphasizes respect because that patient privacy, and the need for pharmacists to uphold the highest possible standards of ethics for both themselves and also their colleagues.”

In little groups throughout Kroon’s course, college student wrestled with some of the an ext vexing situations that pharmacists might expect come encounter during their careers. One question had actually students balance parental rights with a 16-year-old patient’s privacy. One more question dealt with how to take care of being overheard complaining about a superior. The student looked come the oath for guidance but ultimately relied on your own critical thinking to identify the best courses the action, just as castle will execute in your careers.

Becoming professionals

Marilyn Stebbins, PharmD ’88, and faculty member in the School’s department of Clinical, spoke during the ceremony about the responsibilities these future pharmacists will have to their patients—to not just ensure that prescriptions space appropriate, safe, and effective, however to also provide patients with guidance, reassurance, and also compassion.

“It is our responsibility to give patients the avenues for success,” said Stebbins. “But that method we actually have to talk to patients, and much more importantly, we have to listen come patients. We must be their proponents in this facility and regularly disjointed health care system.”


PharmD student speaker Yee-Ann Chen, class of 2019, climate exhorted her brand-new colleagues to seize their opportunities here at to become tomorrow’s leaders.

“Very quickly your household members will begin calling you because that medication advice. After you obtain your white coat, civilization will check out you as a professional,” stated Chen. “With this professionalism comes responsibility—as a student, as a clinician, and also as a scientist. You must fight for your education no matter the circumstances, and also ask inquiries in your downtime. You have to listen to her patients. And also you must not ignore to take treatment of yourselves.”

During the actual coating, Sharon L. Youmans, PharmD, MPH, vice dean the the School, named each future pharmacist in set of ten as they inside wall up in prior of their coaters, a team of present faculty members, alumni, and other affiliated leaders in, who aided them placed one arm, then the next, through each white sleeve. 

The Oath the a Pharmacist

I promise to dedicate myself come a lifetime of business to others with the job of In fulfilling this vow:

I will take into consideration the welfare of humanity and also relief of experiencing my main concerns.

I will use my knowledge, experience, and an abilities to the finest of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients.

I will certainly respect and protect all an individual and wellness information entrusted come me.

I will accept the lifelong obligation to improve my expert knowledge and competence.

I will organize myself and my partner to the highest principles of ours profession’s moral, ethical and also legal conduct.

I will embrace and advocate changes that boost patient care.

I will make use of my knowledge, skills, experiences, and values come prepare the next generation the pharmacists.

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I take it these vow voluntarily v the complete realization of the duty with which i am entrusted by the public.