Over that 10 seasons, \"Friends” combine off nearly every among its personalities in various different ways. Ross and Rachel were the central relationship of the series, the course, complied with by Mondler. But remember once Joey and also Rachel summary dated? Or as soon as Phoebe and also Ross made the end on that pool table? climate there was the moment Rachel and Monica made the end for a minute in bespeak to acquire their apartment back, and at one point, the present even furious a relationship in between Rachel and Chandler. 

The display was famed for its bring away on sex and also dating, inventing the hatchet \"friend zone\" in \"The One with the Blackout.\" An illustration advocating for safer sex practices was discovered to be an efficient tool because that condom use education by the official Journal that the American Academy the Pediatrics. The main personalities even common romantic partners, purposely or not, together as when Kate (\"Criminal Minds\" star Paget Brewster) cheated on Joey with Chandler, causing the last to carry out penance by safety Thanksgiving in a box. Charlie (Aisha Tyler) date both Joey and Ross, and Monica briefly dated Rachel\"s high institution boyfriend Chip Matthews. 

But the actors that played Phoebe and also Joey, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc, at one allude pitched an idea to the writers, i m sorry — if imposed — would have adjusted the sexual dynamics of the show forever.

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Fans have long theorized that perhaps, behind the scenes, Joey and also Phoebe were hooking up transparent the whole run the \"Friends.\" In fact, Phoebe in ~ one allude reveals the she and also Joey also have a \"marriage pact\" to obtain married by 40 if lock don\"t discover other partners (\"The One with The Proposal, part II\"), despite this doesn\"t necessarily average they were connected in the past.

In fact, this theory almost made it onto the show. When both Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc were interviewed by to chat Weekly in 2016, LeBlanc let the slip the the actors had actually pitched a friends with benefits subplot for the pair. \"Towards the finish we actually pitched the idea that Joey and Phoebe had been having casual sex the entire time,\" that said. \"We\"d go earlier and shoot every the historical scenes and also just before a moment that everyone recognizes, there\"s Joey and Phoebe coming out of a broom closet together.\"

Imagine it prefer this: reenactments of once Rachel first entered main Perk, or when Rachel and Ross obtained married in Vegas, beginning with Phoebe rearranging she clothes and Joey addressing his hair post-coitally. 

The writers didn\"t go for it. \"hey were favor \"Nah,\"\" stated LeBlanc.

As a result, this concept remained just that — a theory — and also will never ever be proven definitively. It\"s precious noting that this specific twist later on made the onto an additional sitcom, \"Community\" in Season 2. During the bottle episode \"Cooperative Calligraphy,\" Abed figures out that Britta and also Jeff had been hooking up for months, which to be as large a shock come the group as it was for viewers.

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Perhaps \"Friends\" dodged a bullet. Human being were foolish enough about Joey and also Rachel.