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This week, the eco-friendly Bay Packers.

THE FACTSLocation: eco-friendly Bay, WisconsinNickname: The Packers. The Pack. The Green and Gold. Described as "The Bays" and also "The Blues" at an early stage in the 1920s, yet the nicknames never ended up being official. The nickname Packers come from original team sponsor, the Indian Packing agency and continued after that company was purchase by the Acme Packaging Company. ACME PACKERS used to elegant the front of the jerseys. Mascot: One of 5 NFL groups not to have actually an main mascot, back there room stories out there around Packy load Packer, an official mascot the sorts because that years. Packy load Packer is a kind of cartoonish man wearing one apron, helmet and also clutching sausages. Owners: green Bay Packers, Inc. (364,122 stockholders together of 2013)Division: NFC NorthCoach: Mike McCarthy (90-51-1 career record)All-time record: 699-538-37 in consistent season, 30-19 in playoffsSuper Bowls 4 (2010, 1996, 1967, 1966). Including the pre-Super bowl era, Packers have 13 organization championships, many in the NFL. Conference championships: NineDivision championships: 15Main rival: The Chicago Bears, dating earlier to 1921. Greatest Packer of all time: Debatable. Going with Bart Starr. Won three NFL championships and also Super Bowls I and also II. Last year: 8-7-1, 1st in NFC North, lost wild-card game to mountain Francisco Biggest cost-free agent acquisition: defensive end Julius PeppersTop draft choose in 2014: Alabama safety and security Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix (21st overall pick)Random fact: The hatchet Cheesehead is eco-friendly Bay's instance of acquisition it back. Bear fans offered the term very first derogatorily. Then, this man named Ralph Bruno randomly obtained the idea to do a cheese hat out of foam from his mother's couch if he to be reupholstering it for her. He actually wore it come a Milwaukee Brewers video game in 1987, no a Packers game, and also everyone around him began asking him whereby he got it. Bruno never went come college, yet he's currently the well-off owner and founder that Foamation.

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Bonus arbitrarily fact: "Winning isn't everything, it's the just thing," is in reality misquoting Vince Lombardi. The actual heat within the well known speech was, "Winning is no a at some time thing; it's an all the time thing."