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Like skin tone, lip color can vary from person to person. No the shade of skin top top the lips is healthier than any kind of other. In part cases, a change in the color or problem of the lips might indicate that the lips need more care. However, that is hardly ever a reason for concern.

Tobacco smoking, stress, medication, and medical worries can all reason lips to become darker.

Treating the underlying problem should resolve the problem. In the brief term, there space a variety of home remedies that may help lighten the lips.

In this article, we look at some potential reasons of dark lips and list 5 natural remedies to help lighten or care for them.

Share top top PinterestSun exposure is a possible cause that dark lips.
There is organic variation between people in their lip color.

A pigment called melanin gives the skin the color.

Less melanin create a lighter skin tone, whereas more melanin way a darker skin tone.

If the skin starts producing more melanin than usual, it have the right to lead to hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation causes patches that skin to build that space darker 보다 the skin around them. A typical example the hyperpigmentation is age spots. This condition is related to sun exposure, and also many people think it to it is in harmless. The can impact almost any type of area that the body, including the lips.

Causes that hyperpigmentation include:

sun exposuretobacco smokingpregnancycertain medicationsa clinical condition

Sun exposure

Exposing skin come the sunlight triggers the human body to produce melanin come absorb the ultraviolet rays. This protects the skin from several of the damages that sunlight causes. It likewise causes the skin come tan.

It is vital to undertake sun protection on the lips, and also elsewhere the body. Lip balms v a sunlight protection variable of 30 or higher can safeguard the lips from sunlight damage.

Tobacco smoking

Nicotine and also benzpyrene in tobacco smoke can encourage melanin manufacturing in the skin. This may cause the lips to darken. This have the right to happen progressively over time.

Smoking has plenty of other an adverse impacts on health. The nationwide Cancer Institute have actually a devoted website that provides information and also advice for world who desire to quit.


Some women may experience skin changes during pregnancy. This is due to transforming levels of hormone in the body.

Areas of the body including the lips, nipples, forehead, cheeks, and nose may develop patches of darker skin. However, these locations should go back to their usual shade following pregnancy.

Certain medications

Some medicines can reason hyperpigmentation. These encompass antimalarial drugs and also the dental antibiotic minocycline.

The skin should return come its usual color once the food of medicine finishes, yet for some, the hyperpigmentation may persist.

Medical issues

Some medical problems can cause hyperpigmentation. Among the most renowned is Addison’s disease.

Usually, it is a trouble with the immune system that stop the adrenal gland native making sufficient essential hormones. The problem can cause dark patches of skin, dark lips, or dark gums. Various other symptoms include a absence of energy, weakness, and low mood.

If your lips show up darker and take ~ above a blue or purple tone, or you experience an obstacle breathing, you must seek instant medical care. This can be a sign of cyanosis, a problem that develops when over there isn’t enough oxygen in your blood.

Gently exfoliating the lips can aid remove dead skin cells. A person can make a scrub at house using the adhering to method:

Combine 1 tespoon (tsp) that honey and also 1 tsp the sugar.Gently rub the mixture into the lips using small circular movements.Rinse it turn off using warm water.

Exfoliating too often can reason irritation and also sensitivity. Because the skin ~ above the lips is delicate, civilization should exfoliate no an ext than when per week.

2. Have an almond oil lip massage

Massaging oil right into the lips can help moisturize them and boost circulation. Blood ship in the lips help give them color, and massaging lock can boost blood flow to the area.

Use a an excellent quality almond or coconut oil as a organic remedy for dry lips. Gently obstacle the oil right into the lips a few times every day. The effects should be noticeable within a work or two.

People can find almond oil in drugstores, health stores, and online.

3. Make your own lip balm

Regularly using a lip balm can assist the lips remain moisturized and healthy. Here is basic recipe because that homemade lip balm, making use of all organic ingredients:

Place 1 tablespoon (tbsp) that beeswax pellets in a microwaveable bowl.Heat castle in a microwave on high strength for 45 seconds.Add 1 tbsp coconut oil to the bowl and microwave for another 45 seconds.Continue to microwave the mixture ~ above high strength for to explode of 30 seconds until every the ingredients have actually melted.Add 3 autumn of peppermint important oil and microwave for an additional 15 seconds.Pour the mixture right into a little pot or tube.Leave it for 5 minutes to cool and become solid.

Store the lip balm in a cool ar to stop it native melting.

A human can discover these ingredient in drugstores, health stores, or online:

4. Hydrate

Drinking sufficient fluids is just one of the ideal ways come look after the skin. The lips can be among the an initial areas that the body to look at dry and also parched.

Add a part of cucumber or lemon come a glass the water because that a delicious and also refreshing drink.

5. Use lemon, with care

People have long used lemon together a home remedy because that skin lightening. Cut a part of lemon and hold it to the lips for no much longer than a minute, then rinse with warmth water.

Lemon may have actually some result on exfoliating the skin because it includes citric acid. This mountain may aid remove dead skin cells.

However, over there is no scientific proof to suggest that lemon functions to lighten dark lips. Also, since it is therefore acidic, lemon have the right to irritate the skin. Make sure that the lips have no cuts or irritation prior to using lemon.

Cosmetic therapies to lighten the skin encompass creams, chemistry peels, and also laser treatment. These treatment alternatives reduce the melanin in the skin or prevent the skin from developing it.

There is tiny evidence to suggest that skin lightening is safe or effective. Therapies can damage the skin, and also any hopeful results might not last.

Side effects include irritation, scarring, and also nerve damage. Also, skin lightening creams have the right to contain mercury, which the American Academy of skiership say have the right to be damaging to health.

The skin of the lips is thinner than that of plenty of other components of the body. The lips execute not have sweat glands or the defense of hair, so they deserve to dry the end quickly.

Dry skin on the lips have the right to make lock look duller 보다 usual. Routinely moisturizing and also staying sign language can aid keep the lips healthy.

The skin top top the lips is an extremely sensitive. That is fragile to the effects of sun, smoking, and the use of cosmetic products.

Always wear sun protection on the lips, as well as on the face, to safeguard the lips indigenous burning.

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Taking makeup off at the finish of the job can help protect the skin. Also, quitting smoking can help improve the appearance of skin and also improve as whole health.