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Hey. Sooner or later my behind brake lights simply did not work. This is 2001 T&C 3.8 . I changed the brake pedal switch with a unit i eliminated from a running yet junked T&C 2002 yet still no brake lights. All other lights job-related fine. Any think ?

The move is a one time me adjusting setup so over there is a chance the salvage move can"t readjust to her van.I would obtain a brand-new switch.
Had the very same problem, thought it to be the switch too, ended up that all my behind lamps to be no good including the HMST. All good since. Ns thinkd that is a ground trouble as my dash display screen lamps additionally do not work.

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I really need some serious help here. !!!Ok, right here goes. Ns bought new replacement brake switch and also installed really carefully as to instructions. No change. I removed the fron regulate module to check all connectors. Lock look favor new. I tested the fuse, all okay . Ns measured the brake switch while to run the engine and also there is a continuous ON voltage in ~ the behind wire and also there is a on voltage on the innest wire as soon as pedal is pressed. Also, the locking relay because that the steering obelisk transmission bar works fine. As soon as i placed the automobile in journey or any type of other gear, the steering pillar relay stops together it should however there is still ON pedal power coming indigenous the innest wire from the switch once pedal is pressed. This speak me the there is task in the brake pedal switch. Ns am not just sure if there must come seperate power from the switch direct to the rear bulbs as soon as pedal is pressed or if it supplies the exact same output as the steering equipment lever lock. ?? any type of ideas ?? following i measured the bulb behind light connector it self. All ligths occupational fine together the turnsignal, drivelights/parkinglights and also the turning back light. No irradiate on the top/rear door desk lamp or anything as soon as i push the brake. Likewise no change in turnsignal lights when i press the brake as soon as turnsignal is on. I found one wire in the socket that reflects 0.11 volt leak as soon as i affix it come ground wire in the socket or directly to the chassis. I do this with a expert voltmeter/ohm meter. I review that the front regulate module is regulating the brake lamp at part point, yet is this happening before the strength goes come the switch or is the front control module that straight give the necessary volts to the behind brake lightbulbs ?? and also while i am here crying prefer a girl around this issue, have the right to anyone get me a real attach to download the company manual because that this heap of junk ? 2001 T&C limited. 3.8 liter v6. It has actually the thought up possible electrical failure possibilities the Chrysler readily available as factory standard. Will certainly i should replace the front regulate modulee ? Or can i jumpwire the calculation from the brake light switch straight to the rear bulbs ?? will that put the car on fire