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Hi Folks,Me again. I locked up mine front axle the other day. It transforms out the pinion gear / tower is seized up. I have never been in an axle / diff before. I understand I need to remove the hubs, and also pull the shafts out sufficient to gain the diff out. I recognize I need to remove the two clamps on either next of the diff to gain it out, and it should simply pop out? to be I lacking like 80% of this job? go anyone have any pointers because that me? What about those collars v the holes in them, what carry out they do? I would certainly appreciate any aid you may have. There"s a dearth of information out there on these differentials. Probably that"s a authorize


There are several Youtube videos showing how to eliminate the 1/2 shaftsskip come 4:30 minutes right into this video, that just explains what taken place to him to break his Ram prior to that time
2016 ram 3.0 diesel 3.55 w/LSD, G2 tonneau, Line-X, Weathertech mats, Mag-Hytec differential cover, Nfab bars, CB radio, EGR bug deflector

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I didn"t t know the fifty percent tons had CV shafts choose cars! Anyhow, like Thunderhorse suggested, this looks favor a constant Dana (I desire to say 60) front. Looks too big to be a 44. It also looks like the hubs (wheel bearings) space the very same p/n as on some 2 wheel drives. That"s relevant and an excellent news due to the fact that my real problem is this van is blocking a device I have to work top top this week, so ns can obtain paid! So ns gotta gain that truck out of there.So, my setup is to eliminate the hubs, eliminate the axles, put the hubs and wheels back on so I can roll the truck the end of the way, pull that other an equipment out, and put the truck ago where I deserve to work on it later. The an ext I read about this, the an ext it seems favor a better job for the bench. So, I"ll probably pull the totality thing out and also do a update of the entirety axle, with U joints, round joins, seals, the entirety bit. The rebuild kits space cheap, and also Dana write-ups the hands-on online (free). The doesn"t look prefer magic or voodoo, just a few special devices that have the right to be rented or fabricated reasonably cheaply.Plus, ns gotta obtain all this done prior to kickoff, ns have civilization coming over.Stay tuned. This is gonna have actually nuts in the