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The filter is in ~ the fuel pump. The is the just one listed. Ns attached a snapshot of the place of the filter because that you come view. Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us understand what happens.


Welcome to the forum, the fuel push regulator has actually an internal filter, the regulator is on peak of the fuel pump module. Over there is no different fuel filter, that I understand about.
What"s the symptom? except for diesels, girlfriend will never solve a running difficulty on a Chrysler product by replacing the fuel filter.
I replaced the fuel pump in my 2001 in ~ the adviace of a friend. After instead of the $130 fuel pump i realized all I required was a tune up. Changed plugs, wires, cap and also rotor switch ran an excellent after and also now I have an extra fuel pump that ns dont need.
need to be where the cab and the bed meet in that basic location. Monitor the fuel lines indigenous the tank approximately the engine, friend will uncover it that way.There is likewise one on the fuel pump.
i staled in the center of the inter section. It turns over yet when I give it gas that dies. I had actually someone look in ~ it and also they said it to be a fuel problem. The fuel isnt gaining to what ever part it demands to run. They said to shot to change the fuel filter then next thing would certainly be fuel pump. Does that sound right? just how would I adjust that since the filter is under the pump>?
Hello, I"d usage a gage and double-check fuel pressure. I"d additionally check for good B+ and ground at the pump. Check for codes. If you require to get at the pump, look and see if you have the right to reach anything, if not, elevator the bed or drop the tank.
Hi, not sure which filter your talking about? If strainer that is ~ above the finish of fuel pump? You"ll have to drop the gas tank and also remove fuel pump assembly.There is a regulator/fuel filter on optimal of the fuel pump assembly, not in the tank. Don"t understand if you deserve to reach without dropping the tank?
The fuel filter is situated at the top of the fuel tank. Right here are some diagrams of whereby the filter is located in the tank. (Below)It is v the pressure regulator. You re welcome let us know if you need anything rather to get the trouble fixed.Cheers, Ken
sing a twisting activity pull fuel filter/pressure regulator native the rubber grommet on the fuel pump module, for sure it"s no pulled more then 3 inches out or damages to the push regulator can occur! evade recomends the tank be removed to company the filter/regulator! It"s on top of the gas tank!


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