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Date the Birth Nov 14, 1964Age 56 Years, 11 MonthsNationality AmericanBirth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, united StatesHome Address new YorkProfession JournalistZodiac Sign ScorpioReligion ChristianityEthnicity/Race WhiteFather wilhelm R. HemmerMother Georganne M. KnittleBrother/s AndySister/s TracyRelationship Status SingleEx-Girlfriend Dara TomanovichGay NoSalary $400 thousand Approx.

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American journalist Bill Hemmer is one amongst the famed pack, who has fairly remained single for a long time.
However, it"s no that invoice does not have actually a dating history. The led eight year of dating through his model girlfriend. However even his relationship could not save him from being rumored together gay. 

Gay Rumors Swirls; Sexuality Questioned

While his career carried him the taste that success, Bill has actually been part of rumors too. He gained himself linked to gay stories after acquiring pictured shirtless. However, the turned out that the photo was fake together his picture was head-swapped to the initial shirtless snapshot of Tiger Woods. Later, bill took the issue to the Law Enforcement Officials.Discover:- Gwilym Lee Married Or Casually Dating? He just Can"t be SingleLater, while invoice was date his girlfriend, among his fans sent out a letter to queerty.com regarding his sexuality. Queerty required to their website to clean the speculation the the anchor"s sexuality and also revealed that he is straight and also has a girlfriend. The website that Queerty had a very funny an answer to the news. Castle wrote.While this Boston-based reader might be sleeping well, we’re vowing never, ever to sleep again. In fact, we’ll never eat again, breath again or blink again. Our future has never appeared so cold – or short. Why, invoice Hemmer? Why?!Some hearts could be broken, however the anchor still manages to success hearts nevertheless. 

Model Girlfriend? Separation after ~ Eight Years

The Fox News co-anchors attractive and also charming personalities regularly attracted supermodels. He as soon as dated Canadian design Dara Tomanovich. She to be the brand-new leadership design for the fashion house, Chloe, located in Paris.They to be in a serious partnership for eight years. Bill Hemmer and also his then-reported girlfriend, Dara Tomanovich, in ~ Gala event 2013 (Photo: guestofaguest.com)
Bill and Dara"s love to be pretty extreme & lock were also seen click pictures and enjoying date moments in ~ the peak of the realm State Building. The pictures covered the media and also proved that Hemmer to be indeed straight. Prior to that, it was rumored that Hemmer was gay because of his solitary relationship status, i m sorry was around eight year ago.Don"t Miss:- Danielle Cohn Young period Fame native Parents battle | Boyfriend, dating NowTheir long-lasting love did not acquire to witness a new chapter in their life. The couple ended their partnership in 2013, and also since the separation, Bill has actually remained fairly private about his date status. Later, one of his pan asked whether the reporter has a girl friend or not in February 2015. Bill had no answer to this tweet. When Dara is recognized to be date the British imperial Prince Andrews, We have actually yet come witness the unique someone in Hemmer"s life as he does not seem come be date anyone as of now. 

Well-Earning Career!! What Is His net Worth?

Hemmer worked at CNN because that 10 years prior to shifting his contributions to Fox News. The journalist has actually now been changed from his daily segment, but he can still be seen in the channel together a co-anchor in a morning newscast from 9 to 11 am. 
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With vast experience in the Journalism world, he has apparently collected a network worth that $9 million. Talking around the co-anchor"s salary, the earns a generosity amount the $3 million per year native Fox News.

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Bill"s household Life

Although a liven TV host, bill is incredibly close to his family. His father and also mother love each various other immensely and already celebrated their 56th anniversary on fifth August 2013. Besides his parents, Bill’s family consists of his brothers Andy and also sister-in-law Nancy.Well, bill doesn’t have kids of his own, however he has child-like numbers in his life. The bundle of delight is his brother’s 3 children. The Fox host is a wonderful uncle to the children of his family.