With InuYasha currently on HBO Max and also a sequel collection on the way, this is a look in ~ the anime’s very best episodes


Season 1 illustration 13: The secret of the new Moon and also the Black-Haired Inuyasha

“The an enig of the brand-new Moon and the Black-Haired Inuyasha” is still early in InuYasha’s run and it comes during a fun period where there are still lots of secrets to reveal about the anime’s protagonist.

In this case, the big twist involves Inuyasha’s half-demon nature. Evidently, during the new moon Inuyasha in reality loses his demonic abilities and turns into a fully human version of himself, and with black color hair no less. This is a vast discovery for Kagome and also it clues an interesting period where the two are able to connect on a different level than normal.

Plus, demon spiders are always a solid enemy.

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Season 2 illustration 35: The True Owner that the good Sword!


Season 2 episode 43: Tetsusaiga Breaks

“Tetsusaiga Breaks” is quite perfect top top every level and also finally it is intended on many things that the series has only hinted at up until this point. The Tetsusaiga is Inuyasha’s supernatural sword and the idea the it have the right to break has been toyed with, yet never actually involved pass. But it happens in this illustration as a means to highlight the raw, brute strength of the demon Goshinki (a reincarnation of Naraku), as he shatters Inuyasha’s legend blade.

This act is sufficient to push Inuyasha over the leaf and completely become a demon because that a short time. In this type Inuyasha conveniently defeats Goshinki, but it’s a startle transformation. In between the large events the go under in this episode, Goshinki additionally eats an entire town of people, i m sorry is pretty badass as far as demons go in the series.


Season 2, illustration 51: Inuyasha’s Soul, Devoured

One that the significant struggles that consumes Inuyasha’s character is that he’s half-human and half-demon. “Inuyasha’s Soul, Devoured” digs into the opportunity that Inuyasha’s demon side will eventually fully take the over and also he’ll have actually no humanity left.

It’s a rare chance for InuYasha to tackle some headier material. It likewise features a specifically awesome moth demon called Gatenmaru the ups the gross factor in the collection when Inuyasha and Miroku obtain trapped in his gift cocoon.

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Season 3 illustration 82: Gap between the Ages

“Gap between the Ages” takes place during an unforeseen down time throughout the dangers of Naraku. Accordingly, both Kagome and also Inuyasha go back to the modern-day world and just take on regular life for a while.

This illustration isn’t necessarily essential to the story, yet it finds such a comfortable groove. It’s a good step forward because that Inuyasha and also Kagome’s relationship and also it’s an extremely entertaining to watch Inuyasha’s antics in the modern-day world, whether it’s mundane tasks with Kagome or foiling bank robbers and playing firefighter.


Season 4 episode 107: Inuyasha mirrors His Tears for The very first Time

As the title of this episode indicates, this one is a specifically emotional installment together opposed to a an ext action-packed entry. A twisted collection of events leads Inuyasha to believe that Kagome and also many the his friends have passed away as a an outcome of poisoning. This isn’t the case, but the close call really opens up up Inuyasha’s eyes.