A Michigan court might order friend to undergo drug and alcohol experimentation under a selection of scenarios including:


If you are charged v a criminal offense, you may be subject to bond conditions that require abstinence from alcohol and drugs pending the outcome of your case. The Court has actually the authority to order arbitrarily drug and also alcohol trial and error to screen compliance v the bond conditions.

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A Judge might sentence you to a duration of probation. One of the conditions of her probation may be abstaining from alcohol and drugs during that time. Together in the case of pre-trial testing, the Court has the authority to order random drug and alcohol experimentation to screen compliance with the terms of probation.


Commonly known as a Breathalyzer, the machine analyzes the ethanol (alcohol) contents of exhaled air.

The check subject’s exhaled breath passes over a fuel cell in the maker creating an electrical charge that is measured. The measure is then converted come a BrAC numerical equivalent and also truncated to 3 decimals; e.g. .087. One drawback of the an equipment is that it does no differentiate between mouth alcohol and also deep lung (alveolar) air.

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EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide Testing)

EtG experimentation is performed on her urine sample. It is provided to detect drug and alcohol usage after the time that a breath or blood test would certainly be ineffective in measure up a who bodily alcohol concentration (BAC). One EtG test may, in part cases, recognize the visibility of the biomarker because that as long as 72 hrs after initial consumption.

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Portable Alcohol Breathalyzer

These tools are more commonly known in Michigan by your brand name such together Soberlink. A portable BAC screen operates in a manner similar to the PBT devices used by various law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

One significant difference is that the Soberlink devices are equipped with a camera and also use facial recognition to confirm identity of the subject during each breath test. BAC outcomes are wirelessly sent in real-time.

You can read more about Soberlink here.

Alcohol Tethers

An alcohol tether, also known together a SCRAM (Secure continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring) bracelet, is designed to detect the visibility of alcohol in the perspiration that forms on the subject’s skin, typically by the hour. They provide the court 24/7 monitoring.

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Ignition Interlock Devices

An Ignition Interlock machine measures driver breath alcohol contents (BrAC) and is set up in the driver’s automobile. The is designed to avoid the vehicle from being propelled by anyone that produces a breath sample that registers optimistic for alcohol. The Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock maker (BAIID) requires the driver to submit a breath sample prior to starting the automobile.

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If you have been charged with or sentenced because that a very first DUI violation in Michigan, the most common technique of drug and alcohol trial and error is arbitrarily PBT or EtG testing.

An instance of a Michigan court’s random drug and alcohol trial and error protocol is together follows:

Call a hotline between early morning hours.Listen to a recording that specifies the daily testing color(s).If your shade is called, you should report to an company for experimentation within a particular time frame.You should instruct the testing firm to forward her test outcomes to the proper court and also department.

If you have actually been charged v or sentenced together a repeat offender in Michigan or charged v a OWI with a BAC of .17 or higher, you may be forced to send to a much more stringent kind of testing, such as everyday testing, EtGs, an alcohol tether or the environment of one Ignition Interlock maker on your vehicle.


The court will certainly typically carry out you with areas that will certainly comply v the court’s order because that drug and also alcohol testing. However, if you great to check at a facility the is closer to her home, work, or school, friend should deal with this through the court and ask permission to carry out so.

For drug and also alcohol testing facilities, you re welcome visit the following:

Drug and also Alcohol testing Facilities in Oakland County

Drug and Alcohol trial and error Facilities in Macomb County

Drug and Alcohol trial and error Facilities in Wayne County


WHAT YOU should KNOW about DRUG and ALCOHOL experimentation FOR COURT

It is necessary to take drug and also alcohol testing as a condition of her bond or probation seriously.

Always arrive within the time slot the you have actually been ordered to appear ready to send to the test with payment;Abstain from alcohol and also drugs as might be ordered throughout the time that you have actually been notified to execute so;Make certain that you receive a signature on her log sheet from the facility each time that you appear to test;Keep each and also every receipt for every test taken; andBring your trial and error logs v you to court

FAILURE TO show up FOR DRUG and ALCOHOL experimentation OR testing POSITIVE CAN result IN significant CONSEQUENCES

If you skip or fail to appear for a check the Court will think about it to be a “failed” test and a violation of the Court’s order. Similarly, any type of positive test because that drugs or alcohol if on link or probation will certainly be thought about a “failed” test.

In either instance the Judge may revoke her bond or find you guilty the a probation violation. The Court has actually the government to modify her bond problems or terms of probation top top a conviction and order part term that incarceration.

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It is essential to keep in mind that in the event you violate her probation, that is imperative that you engage the solutions of an skilled Michigan DUI defense lawyer to stand for you in ~ the violation that probation listening (VOP) prior to the Judge.