Here, we have actually the ending explained to Elfen Lied. Elfen Lied is among the most intense gore series that is finest known because that its clear scenes. The anime is evaluate time and again and also highly debated due come its complicated plot. Elfen lie is based upon the manga written and also illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. The was released by Shueisha in the Weekly Young Jump. The manga ran because that 12 volumes from June 2002 till respectable 2005. Halfways with the manga’s serialization by Shueisha, the was adapted into one anime by Arms and Studio Guts.

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The anime aired native July 2004 it spins October 2004 and also compiled the plot right into 13 episodes together with an OVA. Ever due to the fact that the anime ended, world have to be deeply conflicted and also confused around the Elfen lie ending. Despite all, the anime is deep appreciated because that the psychological effect it has with all the extreme effects and also mysterious storytelling.

The anime is how amazing unique. It builds the mystery slowly. A most things are left answered in the beginning, and this all suspicious setting makes watching the anime ten times better. Elfen lie stands as one of the best examples of what people expect from mental thrillers. The plot does not spoon-feed the viewers. Instead, it allows its viewers think all the time till the end. A the majority of things in the Elfen lie ending, especially, room left in suspense to keep the best up to the viewer’s imagination. That was it at the door of Maple residence towards the end? did Lucy yes, really die? Questions therefore keep hovering around the Elfen Lied, ending with nothing but presumptions to price them.

Confused around the Elfen lie ending? Here’s is the ending of the anime, described to meet the curiosity.

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Elfen lie Ending

Kohta’s storage return, and also he remembers that it was Lucy who had killed his tiny sister and also father together a child out that revenge and rage when she uncovered out that his cousin to be a girl. Lucy is target by Shirakawa and also Bando, who send Mariko and also Bando to death her. Mariko deals with Nana, who deactivates Mariko’s vectors using her own. Mariko falls from the bridge, and she is taken away while Nana is saved by Kurama. Elsewhere, Lucy’s various other personality, Nyu, is uncovered by Shirakawa, but he is killed by Lucy as well. Bando moves to kill Mariko, however on see Lucy, he persues to kill her.

Mariko’s vectors activate again, and also she decides to make one more attempt to death Lucy, this time figured out to be successful. She stages a meeting and breaks into a fight. Lucy loses among her horns in the fight. In ~ the very same time, Kurama and also Nana arrive and witness your fight. Mariko sees Kurama and realizes the truth: Kurama is her father. Believing he exit her for Nana, she start weeping. However Kurama consoles her and assures her of his love because that her. However, the bomb in Mariko’s chest explodes, and the two die.

Lucy, who had survived, confesses she heartfelt feelings to Kohta, and the two share a love kiss. She then goes to face the team the security. The battle between Lucy and also the security team is never shown, yet we can proceed hearing gunshots. After a time skip, the residents of Maple House have settled, and as lock are around to eat, who arrives at your door. Wanta barks, the music crate plays ‘lilluim’, and also the grandfather’s clock starts working again. All we watch is a shadow.

Elfen Lied finishing Explained

The Elfen Lied ending makes great use of symbolism in the direction of the end. That does no clarify even if it is Lucy died in she battle against the defense team. Over there are several things that suggest that the one at the door, in the end, to be Lucy. The an initial thing that us hear is Wanta barking, which taken place the very first time he witnessed Lucy too. It would make sense if he was doing so again at the vision of a diclonius. The next thing worth noticing is the shadow, i beg your pardon oddly each other Lucy too. Elfen lie ends v the Lilium template played by the music box however a metaphor that highly indicated she return was the grandfather’s clock, which starts ticking. Lucy (in her Nyu personality) do the efforts to fix the clock throughout the anime. For it to start working abruptly could indicate the beginning of a brand-new time after fixing the past.


Kohta and Lucy: Elfen Lied.

While this concept is widely accepted, a very strong counter is that Nana would have noticed Lucy had she to be coming and was the one in ~ the door. While this makes sense, the is to be noted that v the horns removed, it also might not be possible. Elfen Lied finishing was one the holds on to supply a little bit of joy in spite of the tragic occasions it follows. Now that Lucy did not have actually horns, she might even to the right in and perhaps live a typical life with the Maple house residents.

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Elfen lie Manga and also Anime Have various Plots

The anime ended way before the manga, for this reason of course, there’s a lot an ext to the plot if you have actually only watched the anime but don’t expect to know who it to be at the door at the finish of anime by analysis the manga. The fact is, the plot of the anime deviates native the manga in several ways. Within the first few episodes, one can notification all the tiny differences. The manga continued after the anime finished airing, yet the anime quite much finished with the cliffhanger and also never make an notice or indication to return for one more season in the critical 16 years.

Within the anime, a lot of details to be missed out, yet some of these details were included in the OVA because that the viewers to get a far better understanding of the message it make the efforts sharing. A large difference in between the 2 media was Kurama’s death. When in the anime, the does undoubtedly die. In the manga, he prefers to remain alive and also suffer. Also in the end, that is never actually implied the he dies, return he gets badly injured. There space several other differences in between the Elfen lied anime and also the manga, which include brand-new characters and prolonged storyline. But, the Elfen lied ending, one of two people way, is engulfed v tragic events that placed quite a psychological impact on the readers and also viewers.

The manga was interpreted to English through Dark horse Comics and also published by the same. You deserve to purchase it on any authentic shopping site and also read the manga because that yourself. If you liked the anime, we extremely recommend it!

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Ending the Elfen lie Manga: Explained

Whether Lucy endured the anime’s ending and also returned to Kohta is unclear. However, the manga continues and also moves ahead in the direction of an ending where Lucy in reality dies. Lucy supplies her strength to save Kouta. However, Lucy’s Voice DNA took over her, and also her killing could only be to avoid its’s rampage. Therefore towards the end, Kouta reluctantly death herself. The story continues to display the human being who currently acknowledges the presence of Diclonus. After ~ the Queen had actually died, a vaccine to be developed, and existing horned us were pursued down.

Years later, we view Kohta, who is visiting the spot whereby he met Nyu, hope he could meet she again. He visits the ar with his daughter, who resembles Yuka. He find a letter native Lucy buried in a box whereby she thanks him. After reading the letter, the sees a pair the twins, one i m sorry is called Kaede, which was Lucy’s actual name.

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The twins resemble Lucy, and it is suggested that they are the two individualities of Lucy, Kaede, and also Nyu. Kouta looks at them and also smiles through tearful eyes. It is not stated, but popular theories show that they can be the reincarnation that Lucy. Your heads space covered, and it is not clear if they have horns or not, together it can also be assumed that they too room declonii. Favor the anime, the manga too ends v a fast cliffhanger providing a lot of an are for the readers to think about.