Sheri Moon Zombie Biography and also Wiki

Sheri Moon Zombie is one American actress, dancer, model and fashion designer that is famed as Heidi in the mythological horror film, The Lords of Salem. She is additionally known for appearing in other famous films including The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween, 3 native Hell, Californication and also CSI: Miami.

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Sheri Moon Zombie Age and also Birthday

Moon Zombie to be born on 26 September 1970 in mountain Jose, California, United says of America. She turned 49 year old in 2019. She celebrates her date of birth on September 26th every year.

Sheri Moon Zombie Height and Weight

The actress is a woman of mean stature. She stands at a elevation of 5 feet 20 inches (1.78 meters). She additionally weighs a massive 64 kg.

Sheri Moon Zombie Education

She graduated from Plainville High institution which is based in Plainville, Connecticut. After ~ graduation, she relocated to Los Angeles, California. Therefore, she soon found herself moving between homes in both says to to visit school and also seek work.

Sheri Moon Zombie Photo

Sheri Moon Zombie Family

Sheri Moon Zombie Parents

The actress was born to william “Bill” Skurkis and also Carol A. Skurkis from whom she acquired her Lithuanian and also Polish ancestry. Her father passed far in 2010.

Sheri Moon Zombie Siblings

Sheri Moon has actually one sibling. She has actually no sister but is lucky to have a younger brother known as Jeffrey.

Sheri Moon Zombie Husband

Moon Zombie is married to rob Zombie. The pair tied their knot top top October 31, 2002, and also have no kids together. The household resides in ~ a residence in Los Angeles and occasionally at a farm yard in Connecticut. They dated for nine years prior to exchanging your vows.

Rob Zombie is recognized for countless reasons. First, the is one American musician, singer, songwriter, programmer, voice actor, and also filmmaker. He is additionally a starting member of the hefty metal band White Zombie, releasing 4 studio albums v the band. In addition, rob is the older brother of Spider One, lead vocalist because that American commercial metal band Powerman 5000.

Zombie announced work-related on his sixth studio album as at an early stage as April 2014, having started working on the task that January. ~ above January 11, 2016, Zombie evidenced the location of the record to be The electrical Warlock acid Witch Satanic Orgy celebration Dispenser, along with the album’s sheathe art and also tracklisting.

The heavy metal rock singer is working on a new horror film, 31, in 2014. Zombie explained the film together “old-school”, and also raised money for the film through crowdfunding. The film adheres to a team of individuals attempting to make it through a night in a carnival filled through murderous clowns.

Rob Zombie signed top top to direct the film raised Eyebrows, a movie around the life that comedian and also actor Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx. The movie is yet to be exit on an undisclosed date.

Sheri Moon Zombie Kids

Moon and also Rob Zombie have no children. The couple has revealed that they perform not want kids yet and will think around procreation once they space ready.

Sheri Moon Zombie Career

Sheri Moon Zombie clothes | full Skull

Moon designed a clothes line, complete Skull, i m sorry debuted at the finish of might 2006. She explains, “The expression ‘total skull’ come me means awesome, rad, the finest of the best.”

Sheri Moon Zombie Movies

She started her acting career in 1999 after showing up in her first films, rob Zombie: Superbeast and also Rob Zombie: living Dead Girl. The complying with is a list of every her films and also television series.

3 native Hell31The Lords that SalemCSI: MiamiThe Haunted human being of El SuperbeastoHalloween IICalifornication
Halloween IGrindhouse: Werewolf females of the SSThe Devil’s RejectsToolbox MurdersHouse of 1000 CorpsesRob Zombie: life Dead GirlRob Zombie: Superbeast

Sheri Moon Zombie Salary

According come our trustworthy sources, Sheri Zombie’s annual salary ranges in between $274,450 and also 350,000.

Sheri Moon Zombie net Worth

She may have actually commanded a substantial $5 million in playing salary over her career, however her net worth is yes, really owed come her growing endorsement portfolio and her entrepreneurial spirit seen through her clothing line.

Sheri Moon Zombie Awards and Achievements

Moon Zombie’s tradition ranges from acting to dancing and also to the fashion world. She is, undoubtedly, a fine actress together outlined in the complying with awards and also accomplishments:
Spike TV Scream award – most Vile VillainFuse/Fangoria Chainsaw compensation – the finest duo

Sheri Moon Zombie Facts and Body Measurements

Here room some interesting facts girlfriend don’t desire to miss about Sheri Zombie.

• full Name: Sheri Moon Zombie • date of Birth: September 26, 1970 • Age/ how old?: 49

• place of Birth: mountain Jose, California • Birthday: 26th Sep. • Nationality: American

• Fathers Name: william “Bill” Skurkis • mother Name: Carol A. Skurkis • Siblings: A brother

• Marital Status: Married • Children/ Kids: None • Height/ just how tall?: 1.78 m • Weight: 64 kg

Frequently inquiry Questions around Sheri Moon Zombie

Who is Sheri Moon Zombie?

Sheri Zombie is an achieved actress who gained large recognition after showing up as a cast member the The Lords that Salem.

How old is Sheri M. Zombie?

She is one American nationwide born top top 26th September 1970, in mountain Jose, California.

How tall is Sheri M. Zombie?

Sheri Zombie stands at a height of 1.78m.

Is Sheri M. Zombie married?

Yes, she is married to rob Zombie. They gained married in 2002 and also they have no children together. The couple resides in Los Angeles and moves to your Connecticut farm yard sometimes.

How much is Sheri M. Zombie worth?

Sheri Zombie has actually an approximate network worth of $5 million. This amount has been accrued from she leading duties in the entertainment industry.

How lot does Sheri M. Zombie make?

Per our typical wage approximates for a fashion designer in the unified States, Sheri Zombie receive an annual salary ranging in between $274,450 and also $350,000 that converts to one hourly mean wage of in between $31.33 and also $39.95.

Where walk Sheri M. Zombie live?

She is a resident of Los Angeles, USA. Us shall upload images of her residence as quickly as we have actually them.

Is Sheri M. Zombie dead or alive?

Sheri Zombie is alive and also in great health. There have actually been no reports of she being sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

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Where is Sheri M. Zombie now?

Sheri Zombie is still an energetic participant in the creative entertainment industry. She is a actors member that the 2019 released fear film, 3 indigenous Hell in i beg your pardon she portrays the role of Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly.