Sonic breakfast hours feature some that the healthy and also rich breakfast items, drinks and combos. The Sonic drive-in places are also famous approximately America wherein one can grab the Sonic Breakfast Menu.

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Here’s is whatever you should know around Sonic breakfast hours.

Some generally asked questions around Sonic Breakfast Hours: –

When walk Sonic avoid serving breakfast?Does Sonic serve breakfast all day?When walk Sonic close?

Here, we would be comment to all these questions, along with other extr information about Sonic.

Sonic Breakfast hrs – Details

Monday – Friday6 am
Saturday- Sunday7 am
For an ext information/ digital order

The hrs of operation could vary from one location to the other however one point is for certain that all the Sonic outlets are open 27/7. You have the right to visit www.sonicdrivein.comand go to the “Locations” tab to uncover your nearest outlet and know about the offer time.

Does Sonic serve Breakfast all Day?

Yes, Sonic does offer the breakfast food selection all job long. The breakfast food selection is obtainable even in ~ 12 midnight.

Sonic Breakfast menu

The Sonic Breakfast times feature the remarkable Sonic Breakfast Menu. Let united state see what the menu is composed of.

Items Description
Breakfast BurritoThe burritos form an integral component of Sonic Breakfast hours menu. Complying with are the varieties of burio available: – Supersonic Breakfast burato – Wrapped within a flour tortilla you get rich sausage, tater tots, onions, tomatoes and also accompanied through cheese. Jr. Breakfast burrito – This is also a component of the day-to-day Value menu for $1. This standard burrito come on one eight-inch tortilla filled v sausage, egg and also cheese. Others – The other burritos come mainly in two forms- one v bacon and the various other with sausage wrapped in a flour tortilla accompanies through egg and cheese.
Breakfast Sandwiches and also moreThis part includes tasty sandwiches, toasts and biscuits – Croissonic – the unique flaky and buttery item from Sonic allow you have actually a an option of sausage or bacon, together with egg and melted cheese.Bacon, egg and cheese breakfast toaster sandwichSausage, egg and cheese breakfast toaster sandwich. Sausage Biscuit dippers – 3 mini biscuits room serves with sausage sandwiched in between. Country gravy is included to the to provide a finish texture.
Breakfast CombosThe breakfast combos room serves with coffee, Tater tots or soft drinks. Let united state look into the varieties of combos obtainable and what comes v each among them: – Supersonic Breakfast burrito Combo – the supersonic burrito served with an option of French fries or Tater tots and also a drink. Additional salsa is also provided on being asked. Breakfast burato Combo – girlfriend can select a burato of either sausage, bacon or ham which will be noted with egg and also cheese filled inside. French fries or tater tots, drink and also salsa is served in this combo.Breakfast Bistro Combo – top top a soft Ciabatta bun come egg and also cheese v your an option of bacon, sausage or ham. Offered with French fries, tater tots and salsa.Breakfast Toaster Combo – fresh Texas Toast offered with your an option of ham, bacon or sausage together with French fries or tater tots and a drink.French Toast rod Combo – served with dipping syrup comes four immensely delicious and also thick French toast sticks.
French Toast SticksFour special French toast sticks, gold in colour are served with thick and also with syrup for dipping.
Fresh apple slices Served with non-fat caramel dipping sauce, this have the right to be perfect start to your healthy morning diet.
Morning DrinksThe Sonic Breakfast hrs menu functions a different section committed to just drinks. Here are the drinks which deserve to be ordered: – Minute Maid Juice – comes in three various flavours Orange, Cranberry and Apple. Obtainable in both constant and big sizes. Actual fruit smoothies- obtainable in flavours such as orange, coconut, strawberry, banana and also pineapple.Sunshine smoothieSonic SunriseMilk and chocolate milkPremium roast coffee
Kid’s BreakfastThe ideal thing for kids is to provide them something healthy. Hence, to apologize slices + French toast sticks.

When does Sonic stop serving breakfast?

Probably the best thing about Sonic is the it never ceases to serve its breakfast menu, the is come say the Sonic Breakfast hours are expanded from 6 am till 12 at night. Sonic serves all its menu at every times of its hrs of operation.

What Time walk Sonic Close?

Most of the outlets usually remain open 24×7. Customers can walk-in any time come grab food. Sonic outlets might choose to offer till 12 midnight and start again in ~ 6 am.

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For more information, one deserve to use the restaurant locator by visiting the website connect of pointed out before.


Sonic Breakfast food selection is extremely impressive and also healthy. Sonic has been recognized for its years of good service come its customers. We highly recommend the Breakfast Hours and hope the information provided were useful to you.